Soya doc is the best choice of animal feed

I want to know more about soya doc, as I understand from various people are giving lot of opinions, let us discuss about soya doc, quality, is the right choice, availability, market, price etc

It is good source of protein, but is quite expensive!

Too expensive to be used as feed for of now the rate of soya doc is around rs 44/ for the qquestion of availability, it is available in all the places where poultry population is present.  _prathap.

Soya has 48% protin mainly used in poultry feed formulation. It is expensive and price will come down in season which is oct - jan.

My suggestion is that do not depend of highly expensive feed. there are plenty of options for mix and match in compound formulation. try maximum locally available source of protein. For an exampl Azola has 30% protein which can produce just 50ps per kg .

if you still need Soya docs in large scale i can help, My company produce 4000mts soya docs per day.

rajan mathew