Soon, buy cheaper veggies straight from the farmer


Dear farmers, growing vegetables, I have studied many successful vegetables growing farmers farms, and found that most of them or growing 5 or more variety vegetables, let theirs be 2 acres or 10 acres. They are changing/rotating the crops in that piece of land, say first grown tomato, they are planting another variety vegetable crop like beans. Like wise some farmers having pendals ( pandiri,Chaparam ) are growing Ridge gourd first in a piece of pendal and next growing Snake gourd like. They are changing the crops every time and getting good crops,as it is mandatory to change the crop, and not only that they are getting good prices also, as they supply diffarent vegetables in small quantities. This is good for not only crop rotation and also for getting good prices and good average prices.  g.p.rao, farmer


Yes, farmer can sell produce in retail. There’s no legal restriction.