Solution of Borewell

Dear Sir Please I need to some Advise …
Before 5 Years We Drilled a 300 Feet Borewell And We Get 4 inchs of Water …But Last Year Water Level goes Down …and We re-added 2 pipes ( Total pipes 14) then we got 3 inches of water but this Month again Water Level Goes Down …in 300 Feet of Borewell Already Almost 280 Feet of Pipes Are There So What Can i Do Sir Like Re-adding Another Pipe or …
In 300 Feet Borewell How Much Feet Muds are There …Can i adding last 1 Pipe or not …?
Please Suggest Me Sir 9449046782 and 8310553150

You cannot add more pipe as I presume that the motor and pump would occupy at least 7 ft . THe motor should never be placed at the bottom of the borewell on sand instead it should be suspended .

OK … Thank you Sir …
But I Need Water …How Can I Get Water In Borewell ?

Hey Revanna!
Try adding one more pipe or wait for rainy season so that ground water increases again (Till then arrange for some other alternative)

Please suggest me sir …
i Have to plan for drip irrigation for my 1 acre land (small 400 areca trees…) … how much HP motor can i need for Borewell …
Already 7 HP motor inside The Borewell … But Water Level is Very Down
please suggest me sir

Hi Revanna,

best option is to switch to smaller HP motor and have 1 inch pipes. This way the borewell will have enough time to recharge. there can be simple solution to add some valves to restrict the outflow to 1inch instead of replacing all the pipes. 3HP will be good enough for 1acre I suppose and the good thing is these motors will run on single phase. thanks - Sunil

How much cost of 3 HP single phase motor in market (minimum price )

You can get a 3hp 3 phase local motor for about 10,000 rupees . The branded ones are costlier , but the unbranded ones also work fine . A 3 hp single phase motor will draw a lot of current and if there are voltage fluctuations in your area it would burn out . Since you want to use drip irrigation I suggest you buy a 3 hp , 3phase as you can use the same starter , same pipe , same wire which you are currently using . The starter trip off amps needs to be lowered a little though . The max consumption should be at 8 amps and regular running should be at 5 amps .