Solenoid valve information needed

Hi all
I am kerala resident
I have a tiny farm in karnataka with 300 coconut saplings 3 years old and few various fruit trees, to look after I have a lazy laborer who waters only his crops and is neglecting my plants
Water is scanty
So planning for complete automation using drip irrigation, gsm mobile starter, solenoid valves
Planning to use “KISANRAJA SAMRAT” for motor control
Solenoid valves hit a stone wall locally(even jain irrigation distributor has not heard of it)
My requirement is 2" solenoid valve 2 numvers
1.25" valve 4-5
Kindly suggest some good brands with price and availability
Thank you

Check out online on, but how will you program it and install?


thank you for the reply
i had searched industry buying earlier, valves were not listed
now they have few good reputed brands available
last summer spent a hefty amount to keep plants watered(around 50k in 4 month @ 800rs/tanker)
and watering was not satisfactory ,labourer used most of it leaving my plants die

implementing in may(have some financial difficulties now)
objective:complete automation of water usage and seperate Sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation with single water source
basic layout of farm:its 4.5 acre small rectangle shaped sloping land
Borewell is at one corner and water storage tank in the middle
attached image is 2 yrs old and now whole farm has coconut sapling
Farm labourer is using water for his benifit totally neglecting my saplings, so growth is minimal
My labourer is very cunning but much better than others(tried with disastrous results)
First control at the water source:i:e borewell
Motor Texmo 6 HP 12 stage 3 phase
KisanRaja SAMRAT GSM based mobile starter
starter unit will send message when three phase power is available,running status or motor,dry run protection
price:Rs 6200
Water outlet is 2" i will make 2 exclusive parallel lines,one for sprinkler irrigation and one for drip irrigation(drip lines already exists,need to connect it to main water line)
one normally open solenoid valve for drip(chinese GOGO brand 2" approximately 7k)and one normally closed for sprinkler
imported valve 2700
to operate solenoid valves need one more GSM mobile controller(6 relay gsm unit) non branded(may have reliability issues)

i will close and lock the starter unit in closed box

place a IP camera inside with motion detection,if box is opened camera will send images
wifi instrument :Rs 1000
WIFI IP Camera:Rs 1400(i have both already)

so water to drip(my crops/trees/saplings) or water to field crops will be totally under my control

next is Automation from storage to drip lines
needs one motor(1.5 HP single phase monoblock pump) about 8-10k
need five numbers of 1.25" solenoid valves each costs about 2700
one more GSM based mobile starter(6 relays)
one for motor and remaining 5 for solenoid valves
whole plot will be segmented into 6 segments,five will be controlled by solenoid valves and topmost segment where water reaches with difficulty will be left open again as a security measure
suggestions welcome to improvise

Are you looking for any specific type of solenoid valve? Generic ones are easily available on Amazon. See this for example

Thank you niks sir and Terran
Those are small valve.0.5-1 inch not suitable for irrigation purposes
I have closed in on
Rain bird 2" PGA series 24v ac valve 4800
Its normally closed type valve
Second valve will be normally open “GOGO” from China aliexpress
5 numbers 1.5 inch rain bird valves

Interested to know the progress on this please!

Sir. Am planning similar for solenoid valve and drip automation. Can you please let me know where you have got the rain bird and gogo solenoid valve

Hi all
Am happy to announce that I implemented my ambitious DIY drip automation project
I did some changes to my previous plan fearing failure
I had to delay implementation due to continuous but very weak rain(name sake rains)
Rains stopped in last weak of August so I planned for Sept second week
Sat in drawing room and worked out strategy to minimize loss in case of failure
**Objective:**to take complete control of water from source to delivery
Devided my land into three zones for drip one sprinkler irrigation for field ctops
Lower zone 1.5" Rainbird PGA VALVE (₹3350)
MIDDLE zone 1.5" pga
Upper most zone 1" PGA (₹1700)

1 no RAIN BIRD Solenoid valve 2" for sprinklers (field crops) 4800 in amazon
Total 4 valves
Now came the tricky part, these valves are 24VAC, 0.41 amps in rush current so i needed valve controllers
Rainbird valve controllers were of prohibitive cost and with only programmable timers, no real time control
So I searched for 230-24 volt ac transformers, got one(only one was available) for 750 rs
It’s rating was 220v,24-0-24 2 amps ,and 12-0-12 1 amps,it served 2 purposes
GSM Based 6 channel relay 2000rs
GSM relay was 12v ac/DC, 1 amps , so transformer served this too
Problems faced during implementation
Evergreen labor probs
Voltage problems:single phase voltage was fluctuating between 220-260, so used old APC backups as regulator
Motor starter
Motor:texmo 6 hp 12 stage
Controller KISANRAJA SAMRAT (₹6000)
Now whenever there is three phase power, I will get call from SAMRAT(Also when motor is started/switched off manually)
So whenever there’s suitable 3 phase power I will get call from samrat, then I will open or close required valve
GSM relay

APC as regulator (pure Desi jugaad- removed battery and that space used for tranformer
Thank you all

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