Solar water pumps - does anyone have experience?


Does anyone have any experience with deep well solar pumps in and around Hyderabad? What does one need to consider to set up a system for that?


As per Newspapers the solar energy is getting cheaper in view of solar photovoltic cells going cheaper in China.Govt of china has given heavy subsidy for the PV cells but in India no one is even thinking of PV cells etc what to talk of subsidy.Does any one have the knowledge in assembling PV cells AND MAKE THE SYSTEM FIT FOR for 3/4/5 kv pump sets.Such technical person is welcome to join me in my organisation working in rural environments in medicinal plantation FIELD.I will make him a partner with clear 50% profit to him.He needs not make any investment it will be done by me but no fraudsters should try to hood wink which he/she shall do at his/her own peril.

Few farmers installed solar PV for lifting water in Karnataka.
Needs to check with them for sustainability.


Earlier the govt had schemes to help people install solar pumps. They were low power systems. It ended in 2006



Yes I had installed a 5HP SPV pump in my farm and successfully running.

Please go through the details posted in … 5-2012.pdf

also in this forum under heading … -buy-from/


Thanks Kumar for posting the article. I could only look at the pics, but it helps.

How deep are you pumping the water from and what is the flow per hour? Is there any subsidies for this? Any names of vendors?

Appreciate the help


Hi Shiv,

For my farms I also intend to use solar for fencing, light and pumps (and even AC). However not able to find a suitable (and cost effective partner). Quite interesting to see what you are planning, would be happy to be part of efforts and see what could be achieved.

I can potentially contribute in reducing cost. I am currently living in China. Let me know if you want me to source cells here and we can find options and compare the quality/price?

let me know if you are interested and even for others, I would be happy to help if I could


Hi Aditya

That is a very interesting thought and what I am working towards. I had a conversation with some dealers in Hong Kong, but could not reach a good price point.

The alternative, which I am looking at is to purchase the chips and create the panels myself. The idea is to capture the water into a storage farm pond, durng the time that the power is there ( which mostly happens during the night) and then use teh daytime hours to pump water slowly from about 5 m depth.


Hi shiv

Pls send me details at and let’s see if we could work together. If works well then help me to assemble at my farm too :wink:.


And don’t forget to update us all how it goes.

Here is where I am after spending a couple of hours on the net. Going by what kumar has written,it seems that buying chips of 1000 w costs 300usd. Cost for 5 kw, working out to 1500 usd. I am assuming that the glass panels/ wire/flux/ diodes/mounting poles etc would cost me another 1500 usd.

Looks like for around 3k usd, I would be able to get the panels, not sure how much it would cost for inverter and I am asuming that a motor already available, but 6 lakhs figure given seems very high.

Currently buying a kit and seeing how to create the panel. Aditya, you think the chips can be obtained cheaper in China?


Hello all
For whatever it is worth I know this person who has his own solar installation company working along with some people in auroville. Maybe he can through some light on the real numbers. With some conversations about solar pumps they had mentioned a particular company who are the best (sorry the name I dont remember right now) will try and find out.
He is a tecchie to solar guy making a effort to help the environment.
Name = Harsha
e-mail id -
checked with him about posting his mail here so feel free to contact.
I will also try and see if he can get on farmnest and reply to this discussion.

Hi All,

One thing for sure, For borewells one need to have a minimum of 5HP. I got a quote from one guy for a 5HP system. It costs Rs 8.5 lakhs. Even jain have some models. Most of them are screw type pumps. So output per day is less.

Is 8.5 lakhs for 5HP is a joke ?? Recently I came to know thru papers that now the prices are around Rs 50 per watt. So for 5000 watts should be 2.5L plus the cost of pump.

vkumar, Can we have the pics for the 5KVA solar pump installed by you ?


Murali KG

Hi Murali KG

I could not attach the cover story picture of mine appeared in Tamil bi monthly magazine “PASUMAI VIKATEN” issue dated 25th April 2012. shows some error message , please go through the link given in the previous posting.

The cost I spent on this set up works out to 6 lakhs  (pannel+ Pump with out wires and pipe)

Regarding Govt subsidy ,it is a big issue ,I will explain latter ?

Dear Mr. Kumar,

We would love to see pictures of your installation. The more the merrier. Thanks.


I will upload once the format is converted ,in the present format when I upload error message appears.

Hi vkumar, take some snaps, upload, easy…  :wink:


I attach here with the photographs of my solar panel , which runs a 5HP submersible pump positioned at 400 ft below the ground level.

Mr. Kumar, thanks. I’d like to see pictures of the battery bank as well please.

Do you represent UPV Solar?

Doesn’t look like there is a battery based on what Kumar said on the other topic.