Solar water pumping system

Hi All,

Has anyone installed a solar pumping system? How efficient is it, specially during winters?

Because I am considering installing a solar water pumping system at my farm. Information about my farm:

  1. Located in Kopargaon taluka, Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra.
  2. Area to be irrigated is about 7 acres.
  3. Planned crops are maize, wheat, onions, vegetables.
  4. We have an open well about 80 ft deep.
  5. My aadhar card address is Hyderabad, but land is in Maharashtra. (Note: Mentioning this because some ppl told us that your aadhar card needs to be from Maharashtra to avail subsidies)


Hi! Trupti,
I’m based in Guntakal, Andhra Pradesh and have installed 4.8Kw solar panels,5 hp CRI submersible pump installed in my farm pond given under subsidy by AP State government with Central government financial assistance for Rs.55000.
It is working perfectly fine and solving my irrigation requirement for my one acre polyhouse both for drip and fogging.

  1. Drip irrigation requires specified pressure to be maintained so drip could be operated after 10:00 AM. So, if it is for normal canal based irrigation it would start operating from 08:00 AM.
  2. In summer season it is fine but in rainy season because of clouds you may not have enough radiation to operate.
  3. Solar pumping system works perfectly fine if the water is available below 100 feet in your borewell.

You should have a regular grid connection and solar pumping system should be your alternate source not the only source i.e; instead of investing on a generator or oil pump you could have a subsidised solar pumping system.


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