Solar Fencing Cost

Dear All,

have noticed many posts in such area but am not able to find the exact cost we pay per meter for solar fencing and how much is it as compared with other methods of stopping animals. We get bison in our land and want to protect from them.

Any quick and dirty analysis?


Approx cost works out Rs 210 per meter for 8 lines with 5 corner post.I have done it in my farm recently.It is effective for Animals and not for theft since people try to expand the gap of the wire and try to get into the field.So intermediate post are required to have enough tension of the wire which will cost rs 1500~1600 more per post and should be designed in such a way not able to widen the gap between wires.

Thanks Naraynan

Would you be able to share who did it for you and few pics if possible. My main issue is also animals. Thanks a lot for sharing details