Solar Fence: GI poles or Concrete Pillars

Hi all,
  I am planing for putting the solar fence for my farm of 4 acres. I have seen some of solar fence being installed using GI pipe and some with concrete pillars. I would like to know which is better to use from the following point of view
    1. Strength (We have problem of elephants)
    2.  Damage when attaked by animals
    3.  Cost of the installation.


If there are elephants, then they will enter your farm whether you use GI or stone pillars.
Now, when they enter and bring down one pole all connected poles will also come down if you use concrete, stone pillars.
With GI, max one pole will bend or cut which is easily repaired, other poles should not get disturbed.
That way when elephant goes away, you can bring your fence back up very fast compared to again putting the stone pillars back in their place.

If you are using electric fence, there is a siren available, use it as it will tell you when the elephant enters your farm. Then you can take action and drive it out before it damages further.

Also you can use any shadenet 3 feet wide piece and tie it to the bottom of the fence for all the boundary, this will avoid dogs, wild pigs and other smaller animals from entering.

Good luck.

Thanks Nikhil, for the suggestion. Mine will be electric fence powered by Solar power.  I will install siren system also. The suggestion on the shadenet is really a good idea. Thanks.


Hi Sundar,

We normally recommend GI pipes, but fence done in two columns.One with 7 lines and front with 3 lines. Meaning, when elephant even if breaks the first line of defense we still have second one.

Hope this helps!


Hi Saravanan,
    Thanks. This will be like having 2 fence. What is the distance between these 2 fence that is recomeneded.
  I also heard of “F” type fence, where there is one horizontal arm projecting out with 3 wires. It is expected that this wire will touch the elephant before the elephant reaches the main wires.