Soil testing kits

Has anybody bought a simple soil testing kits that can be used on the farm?

Checking NPK, micronutrients and ph, ec would be the attributes of interest…

There is a reference on the forum to the use of the soil test kits and saying they are quite effective.

I have grabbed cheap little pH and EC meters which are pretty nice. I will post full details one of these days.

I am looking for a kit that can evaluate  micronutrient and NPK .

Following offer micronutrients as well apart from NPK and ph etc… … -Kits.html … g-Kit.html

Some experience here: … 0/#msg2560

Old Thread … but may be of use to some … Soild testing kits sold here …

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I was looking for some cheap gadgets, etc that I could use on the farm. I came across this. … 1_4&sr=8-4 … 1_5&sr=8-5

What do others feel? Thoughts?

I had picked up something similar from ebay.  No idea about accuracy.  Good to get a  quick picture …

The shelf life of the chemicals is 6 months according to their web site. Which is a non starter for an individual farmer. I would prefer to give the soil sample to the lab. It takes a week for the results but it is much cheaper.