Soil Testing Firms / companies in Chennai


Can you please provide me list of Firms / companies doing soil testing on agri land  in and around Chennai .


A lot of fertilizer companies do this as a free or paid service - it would be best to find the contacts of the local fertilizer folks and giving them a call.

Government labs do it - free in most cases - but at least in AP, I have not been pleased with the results.

One of the better options is to get hold of some of the senior soil scientists/professors who do this, since they will have a good view of theory and practice, and will give you individualized attention though it may cost a bit more. I know a retired professor in Hyderabad who runs a lab - if you can’t find someone in Chennai, let me know and I can PM you the contact details. Since most agencies will anyway expect you to do the sample collection, it may be too hard to organize for the shipping.

Good luck.

Thanks Chandra for the quick response , I will check with the local companies here.



You can check out National  Agro Foundation in Chennai :

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Thanks for the information , i will get in touch with them.


Hi chandra,

could you please PM the details. i am also looking for a soil testing company near Vijayawada, but i couldn’t find.


You are in luck. While I am not entirely sure of the accuracy of the results. I have found there are ways to do soil testing without having to depend on third parties.

Have used this one myself. It costs a bit, but the convenience of being able to plan and test myself is worth it. Subsequently have located some more cheaper options, but not used them as yet. … -kits.html

you can give soil for testing at the Soil Testing Lab at Kakkalur, Tiruvallur dist.
The other option as mentioned is National Agro Foundation, Taramani, Chennai