Soil quality improvement and flowe farming

I am planning to start flower(Marigold or rose) farming at my 3 acre land from feb 2016.Please suggest me whether my soil quality,climate is suitable for it as per below given soil report and climate condition.

Also please suggest me the different waye to improve my soil quality(Organic and inorganic both).

PH- 8.10
EC- 0.27 (In milliSiemens per cm)

Organic carbon- 0.86 (in %) (Expected range-0.41 - 0.60)

CaCO3- 14 (in %) (Expected range-0.10 - 0.50)

Nitrogen- 150.52 (In Kg/ha) (Expected range-280-420)

Phosphorus -2.24 (In Kg/ha) (Expected range-14-21)

Potassium-448 (In Kg/ha) (Expected range-150-200)

Calcium-5975(In PPM) (Expected range->300)

Magnesium-1600 (In PPM) (Expected range->122)

Sulphate-0.50 (In PPM) (Expected range 10.10-20.00)

Iron-3.94(In PPM) (Expected range 2.50-4.50)

Manganese-5.46 (In PPM) (Expected range 1.20-2.50)

Zinc-0.76(In PPM) (Expected range 0.51-1.21)

Copper-4.30 (In PPM) (Expected range 0.20-2.50)

Soil type-black solil
Wate availability-2 borewell
Climate-tropical wet and dry climate and a humid subtropical climate.
Summer is extremely hot and dry and it lasts from the mid of March till mid of June with the temperature above 40 C during April May,
during these months the dry and hot wind blows in this area widely affects the local ecology. The temperature also remains quite high during the night