Soil management plays a key role in hi-tech production

Strategic plan to produce high yield starts truly in perfect soil management apart from other relevant factors of production like quality seeds from right source , water & Nutrient management , pest and disease management etc
If you have your soil prepared well for continuous cultivation , then you are starting to walk on the road of success
How soil affect yield of commercial crops ?
1.Soil bulk density - soil spore space influence soil aeration and water retension capacity that in turn impact nutrient retention around root zone.The degree of soil compactness and growth of soil microbial population is also influenced by soil bulk density .
1.3 g/cm3 level of soil bulk density is okay …anything extremely beyond the limit say 1.0 g/cm3 ( clay soil ) and 1.8 g/cms ( sandy compacted soil ) will need extra attention .
Soil organic matter ( organic carbon ) – regulate buffer reaction in soil solution that determine availability of plant nutrients from soil to plant . Soil organic carbon is a major source of food for soil microbes . Enough soil organic carbon will multiply soil microbes in a great numbers and volume that the beneficial soil microbes will outnumber the pathogenic microbes . so there is little chances for root infection .
Again the total dissolved salt and exchangeable sodium percentage in soil solution is major concern in commercial crop farming .
A soil in poor nutrient status may not be a problem . But such soil that is otherwise fertile may not be amenable for commercial crop production
Our case is mixed soil , partly black cotton soil and partly red soil
Crop selection is done based on anticipated market price prevailing during different months of the year …
Project size is 20 Acres
Crop plan
Thaiwan guava – 6.0 Acres ( High density 888 Plants per acre ) + green manure as intercrop
Drumstick – 6.0 Acres + Hybrid marigold as intercrop
Redlady papaya – 6.0 Acres + Hybrid Marigold as Intercrop
Hybrid Capsicum – 1.0 Acre
Hybrid cucumber – 1.0 Acre
SOIL FORTIFICATION is done with bio organic @ 200 MT farmyardmanure , 100 Lit Azospirrillum , 200 Kgs of VAM, 2.0 MT of neem cake and 2.0 MT of Sanjeevini …
Plant Nutrients - combination of bio organic and chemicals ( 70 : 30 ratio)
This crop plan has been prepared with due consideration to current year monsoon prospect
This thread grows for next two complete years …

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Ramu Sir, Is there any update on this.

Sure Mr.sundaresh . Just a few weeks .will post the result here