How does Gabions Prevent Soil Erosion ?

Gabions are wire-mesh structures filled with rocks of different sizes, built on areas prone to soil erosion.
Gabions work by providing a strong support for otherwise weak areas of earth.
Loose soil fills the spaces between the rocks and collects in front of the gabion,
preventing more soil from being washed away.

[color=blue]Study says, PVC Coated Gabions may last upto 60 years.[/color]

How to make best use of Gabions ?

Making a gabion is not too expensive, and not too difficult to make. Measure the area to build the gabion wall.
Get a gabion basket that fits your needs.
Level the area where the gabions are to be placed (this can be done by a shovel).
Tie the gabions at different places using 14-guage (or stronger wire).
Fill the gabions with rocks, make sure that the average rocks are smaller than the openings in the mesh.

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