Soil Disinfection for Polyhouse

Attached ppt from KVK Polyhouse seminar on the subject matter.
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Sun light disinfection of soil: Are we not killing usefull fungii by doing this?

Good point Sri.

This raises the question, which method of soil disinfection is preferable to remove weeds and pest from soil without damaging the useful fungi? Steaming, chemicals or any other method will kill the useful fungi as well.

Dear Zen sir, to eradicate weeds temporarily,one way is to mulch the beds,periodically removing the weeds mannually can do.Mostly in green houses culture of gerbera,it is not troublesome to remove the weeds manually if it is regular practice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                As far as to remove the pest from soil is, strengthen by introducing the required ( crop specific in cosultation with organic experts, experienced  organic farmers ) ,Isolated and useful bacteria/fungi like Trichoderma viride,Horizonom,Psuedomonos fluorescens,Metarhizhium anisoplae,VAM,Verticillium lecani,paecilomysis etc There are so many useful bacteria/fungi and can collect information on discussions with officials of resp universities. The above said Isolated/Useful bacteria/fungi take care of the pests. Application  of  jeevamrutha  periodically ( exact times to be maintained ) by drenching on the beds. With these  we can comfortably take a successful crop and I took for 5 years with gerberas.  g.p.rao,farmer

Dear All,

Plse don’t go with recommendations  from agri. universities, HTC pune.

Most of the soil sterilizing agents using are damaging lungs/ carcinogenic.

The intention is to erradicate nematode population. (eg:-formaldehyde,Suzone/Basamid)

Best method to erradicating nematodes is - solarization- ie. cover  the wet polyhouse
beds with with white poly sheets , with covering borders with soil.

  • erradicate nematode adults/ cysts, high humidy ecourage all weed seeds to germinate.

— Never harm the beneficial microbes.

Drench the soils with  poly cultures of  biopesticides (bye Bye Phorate Furadan )

Add sulphur: Lime : Superphosphate mixture (1: 3: 3)  and spread over the bed

& mix well.  Along with irrigation water give pseudomonas  culture.

Then no need to worry about most of soil born diseases & Pests.

for controlling major sucking & Borers  use eco friendly IGR type  pest controlling agents.

Proper water management can restrict  most of diseases & Pests.

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