Soil Bed or Plastic Bags for Polyhouse Capsicum Cultivation

Dear Friends,
                  Can anybody tell me how deep roots of capsicum can penetrate ?? We have seen Capsicum polyhouse which is cultivated in plastic bags of size 1212,410 Gauge;instead of going for Soil Bed.
                  Have anybody done same experiment or have any idea regarding same??  What benifit one can get in planting in plastic bags ? planting in plastic bags have any effect of fruit size ?? If it affects fruit size then can increasing the plastic bag size resolve the problem ??
                  Please guide me, i am sending few photographs of capsicum planted in plastic bags of 12
12 .

Thank you Bhayya. In the similar Manner Mr. Viswanadha Raju .He is adopting Hydroponic Combined with Aquaponic . Nr. Balanagar, Mehaboobnagar Dist.One can visit his Farm on any Monday with Prior Intimation.His Contact No. is 9440457221. One can have GOOD knowledge because he is adopting Innovative Methods in Farming. I am suggesting our Forum members to visit his Farm and get inspiration for adopting INNOVATIVE Methods.

He is using Bucket system of Cultivation in the Place of Poly Bags.On using Poly Bags/Buckets water can be saved while get rid from weed Problem.Nutrients also can be used in an economic way.To know more you can visit his Farm on any Monday.

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Using bucket is also a good option…but what is growthwise viability of using polybag or bucket for color capsicum crop ??
What is the effect on fruit size if cultivated in polybag/bucket instead of soil bed??

Thank you Bhayya No doubt it is GOOD system as has alredy been posted, it is easy cultivation with less water. Most advantage be it is FREE from Weed.Nutrients be supplied through Drip and also the cost of Fertigation and Plant Protection s also easy. But this system requires either Shade Net or poly House. The crop quality and quantity will be better than the Soil Cultivation because we can Provide comfort to the Plant while Providing all the nutrients(Ferti) as required (not less/not more). The Media in the Buckets be either soil mixed with Organic Fertiliser or coco-peat media.
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Dear Ashish sir, Root system of colour capsicum or any other crop depends upon , in what system you are growing the crop, up to my experience.

If you grow the plant in open field, its root system goes more depth comparative to growing in greenhouses, and to very less depth, say few inches, if grown in hydroponic/soil less farming, ofcourse either in plastic covers and or  troughs.

The reason is the food supplied to its mouth, and then there is no necessity to stretch its hands.

Active roots roots of Capsicum can be penetrated to a depth of 2 ft,generally.

Plastic bags are used for capsicum farming if it is grown in hydroponic/Soilless culture in green houses. There will not be any diffarence in size of capsicum if it is grown on soil bed or in plastic bag,if it is in hydroponic way.

The size in platc bag and / or trough ,will be very good/big if it is grown in hydroponic system, of course under the guidance of an expert.

Hope this will clear your doubts. best wishes.  g.p.rao, farmer

Thank You both…
  We are planning to cultivate color capsicum in polyhouse only, in soil medium…18×18 Plastic bag, which may accommodate around 15 Kg of Soil…

Will you show me how you grow capsicum in plastic bags. And what’s your experience