Soil amendments for terrace garden

[size=100][font=trebuchet ms][color=green]I am very enthusiastic about farming. Since I own no lands, I am making some efforts in developing a terrace garden at home. I am facing challenges in getting the required soil. To manage cost and availability, I am looking at alternatives to add to the soil to make it rich in organic matter.

I am making compost at home from kitchen waste. I use coconut husks, cow and goat dung. I also take the Coffee Grounds from my office vending machines. What should I add to make my plants grow healthier. I am not for adding any external inputs like Bio fertilizers and the likes.

Can someone suggest?[/color][/font][/size]

With the addition of more organic matter in the form of leaves, hay and kitchen vegetable waste, you could consider converting your compost pit into a vermicompost pit, by adding earthworms. Earthworms should be available at around Rs. 150 a kilo, not sure where in Chennai though.

Alternatively, you could buy sacks of vermicompost at fertilizer stores for about Rs. 10 a kilo, in 20kg sacks.

[color=green][size=100][font=trebuchet ms]Thanks so much!

Can I add earthworms directly to the pit where I put kitchen waste. this will not be a pit, but a earthen pot. Do I need to add soil to make Earthworms live? Can they just thrive on the organic matter?

Thanks for your response.

~ Jayakumar[/font][/size][/color]

[color=green][size=100][font=trebuchet ms]While I was trying to learn more on this, I came across this site.

They have tools for making compost at home. More than this, I was more interested in the concept and the awareness about reducing waste and land fills. Please have a look.[/font][/size][/color]