Snakes and ZBNF

Will ZBNF increase snakes occurence?

I am wondering as I want to do dry mulching but will that waste leaves attract snakes as they can hide under it?

Yes, wherever they find good place definitely occurrence is more.  One should use gum boots while at a ZBNF farm.  Also have other farm animals like cats, guinea fowl which help in control.  There are some posts in this forum about few plants that repel snakes, do plant them also.

I would like to caution the regular rubber/gum boots are no good except for bites of tiny snakes, from what I have researched. Nevertheless, they are better than nothing, and certainly help from smaller insects and scorpions.

Good, long leather boots will help. I have seen there are special snake boots and chaffs sold in other countries, but they do seem quite expensive.

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  I have also seen a lot of rats make holes under the decayed matter eventually the snakes come in search of these rats. Net Net yes as we are creating a natural habitat the food cycle manifests itself. Wear good shoes and be vigilant always.


Try to pet some wild cats. Many pet shops now supply wild cat breeds. They surely will help you to keep the rodents and snakes away, and at least when you are together with the cats, you are safe from the snakes.


Can any one give me the botanical names of plants that repel snakes from the farm worried more about venomous snakes and not rat snake.


Recently i came across a kind of hen/cock (similar to Helmeted Guinea Hen Bird) 4 or 5 numbers, when i asked  what is so special with this?, the old lady proudly said that all these hen birds will kill the snake/s(whether poisonous or non-poisonous) the moment when they find one,

i found them in sivaganga of TN while travelling to rameswaram.

If you are interested let me try to find the contact details.

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Just for your reference … z2xiA5DCYQ

still hunting the contact details, sorry for the delay…

its ginni kodi in telugu
kinni kozhi in tamil

see these videos. In both videos they could not kill a snake but they drive it away.

We even tried this not all guinea fowls attack snakes, the ones we had were the first to climb the tree sit there and start to yell, we had a couple of kombai breed dogs they are good in attacking snakes but they died attacking and killing a couple of snakes.  Siriyanagai is a plant which people say as snake repellent, but it is not.

these hen’s are good at small snake’s, thats what i can read in other documents as well, based on your reply i could guess ‘the size of snake might be big enough to kill a dog’, still trying to gather info from my farming friends,

meantime, can you please go through this link? … kyard.html

Recently one morning we found a dead snake lying on the grass,p probably after a tough fight with mongoose overnight.I guess it is viper.Request the experts to confirm.

[member=12203]shashg[/member] it looks like common krait a poisoous snake :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :astonished: ::)

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Yes it is most probably krait & it is a poisonous Snake.



Do you guys think Solar Ultrasonic rodent repellent works??

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You can find lot of advertisements & online sealing of such repellent. I do not think it will solved your whole problems, but you may reduce the risk up to some extend. First just use one repellent & later on you can add more by watching that it is really working to away the snakes from farm.

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