Small Dairy Farm - advice requested

Hi Guys,

I am a newbee in this forum, I really need some help from you guys.
I am planning to start a dairy farm in manipur with 20 cows which I already have but I have lots of problem due to non-availability of electricity. I have around 5 to 6 acres of land with abundant grass and water for feeding the cows.

My market target is a district which is 4 hours from the farm. And also, I wanted to rent a shop out there where I can store the milk and sell it to customers.
But the problem is how to preserve the milk as the district has only 5 hours of electricity in a day.

So, what I am thinking is to buy an ice cube machine which can give atleast 25 or 30 kg of ice and make airtight box of my own where I can store the ice and the milk before it is delivered to customers. I have 4 big solar plate and will also be buying a generator to run the ice cube machine. I also wanted to packed the milk in a plastic bag (1/2 litre) but I guess for this I need a certification if I am not wrong. (Please tell me about the plastic packing, If I simply packed the milk in a white 1/2 litre plastic bag with no print, do I still need to get a ceritification)

Please let me know the estimated price of the following:

  1. Milking Machine (can be operated without electricity, small one)
  2. Pasteurize Machine (Small one)
  3. Ice Maker Machine (25 to 30 kg per hour)

Quantity of milk produce in a day will be around 70 to 100 litre at the start.
The demand for milk at our place are so high that the farmer can’t meet the demand and so most of the families gets 1/2 litre only once in a week and so people are dependent on milk powder.

Please, I really need your suggestion if I can store the milk with the help of ice cube machine. And also what will be the total cost of starting the farm.

Thanks alot everyone… :slight_smile:

S Vashum

Hi Everyone,

Please help me on my queries… Your suggestion will be of great help for me…

Thanks alot.

Dear Mr. Srininayakatvm

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Sumit Chandla
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