Small but quick Income

Dear Experts,

would you be able to share some ideas where I can get small (at least 10-20K) income per month in relatively short time - say 3 months… Anything you all might want to share would help

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HI this is Manoj Kumar i have idea here maybe its helps to you if you like these concept you can go through that

Agriculture earning

Today some spl facts in agriculture earnings

Why we people avoiding farming ?
Ans: becz there is no income part of that

Upsuletly wrong we can earn minimum 20L per year in farming
Scroll down and let’s know how :grinning:
We take seed from bajra ( pearl millet )

This is for young star’s …we can take to do 100 Acer’s farming in bajra


Cultivation for 3 times seed planting with tractor each Acre will invest 3000 total 100 acrs 3,00,000

Next growing up seeds. for worker’s each 10acres 1 member so totally 10 members. this crop life time period is 4 months so we hire these works only 3 months each member 10,000 x 3 months = 3,00,000

Next pesticides 1,00,000

Other expenses like water pumping , motor damages 50,000

Profit calculation each acre seed estimation minimum 15 Kinta’s but will estimate each acre 10 Kinta’s each Kinta’s 3,700 Rs

Here 100 × 10 = 1000
1000 × 3,700 = 37,00,000

Total income 37,00,000

In that investment 7,00,000
So, profit is 20,00,000

its just my plan i make it with company deal if you gone with commercial seeds you cant expect these profit , its happens with only production company’s

thank you