Single phase to three phase current

Hello all

I’ve recently setup a 6 HP 10 stage Texmo Taro pump in my farm and instead of traditional starter, I went for a Direct online starter that can be controlled using a 4G SIM.

After installing it, there seems to be a problem using the panel without 3 phase current. While there are other neighbouring bore wells working on single or double phase, mine doesn’t. I need above 300 volts on all 3 for it to start.

Hence I want to consult if there are other famers with similar problem and what can be done to overcome the problem?

I don’t have an individual TC and share it with other 8-10 farmers.

I’m reading there are one phase to three phase converters that you can use but is it practical and cost efficient?

Would appreciate some feedback. Thanks in advance.

Is your motor 3-phase or single phase?

For domestic purposes, we use phase shifters etc to switch from 3-phase to single phase. This can be manual or automatic. For farms it needs to be an industrial solution. Might be expensive.

Please paste the nameplate details for both.

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Yes it’s a 3 phase motor

More details would be helpful
I also had texmo taro 6 hp motor and I had mobile starter
I had used kisanraja mobile starter
These mobile starters come with built in voltage sensors and they function only when there is balanced voltage(all three phases within 10% voltage difference)
I also used L&T mPower Pro which also had same issues
It is to protect motor from damage