Simultaneous Fish Cum Paddy Farming


any idea about simultaneous fish farming in paddy fields?  is it profitable and manageable?. I know the pros and cons of this.

has any body done simultaneous fish farming in paddy fields? I am planning to do soon in my paddy fields in thanjavur, tamil nadu. process in collecting more  information. please advise and suggest.


Dear respected Thaya,

In paddy growing areas, where abundant water availability through out the year is available, now some of the farmers are doing mixed cropping. Glad to inform you that they are successful.

Details of my personal observation is as detailed below.

In the extent of their land,  say 5 acres , they are digging pond of depth 3 ft in 2 acres and pouring the dug mud on the another 2 acres and some around the pond as bund to a height of 2 ft and 8 ft width.

With this, the 2 acres pond depth will be 5 ft and the another 2 acres height will be around 2 ft than the existing land level. Remaining 1acre level will be same.

In the elevated land they are growing vegetables, flowers etc, by using the water in the pond. In the pond they are doing fish/prawn(shrimp) culture. In the remaining 1 acre water they are growing paddy with the drain water from the pond. 

Fish like Carp, silavathi(Rohu), Sea bass , etc will be grown at a density of 4 thousand per acre  in extensive way and more fish in semi intensive way with Aerators. The fish will reach 1 to 2 KGS in 8 to 12 months, basing on the size of fish seedlings introduced.

Fish fcr will be around 1:2 and fish feed cost will be around rs 15/_ ( own made) to rs 23/_ floating feed.

Corp,Rohu are fetching around 60/_ to 110/rupees per kg  basing on the harvest size and sea bass is fetching around rs 300/ plus per kg.

Paddy is giving regular yield and you can have 2 crops in a year. Vegetables/flowers can be grown through the year.

Pl note that above can be, if you are a full time farmer. Hope this may suit you. 

With best wishes,    g.p.Rao,    farmer

Dear Thaya,
The input given by Mr. G.P.Rao is appreciated & that is correct for implementation. I am in initial stage in the same process. Your question was fish com paddy farm. Yes you can do that but only one spices that is Murrel is suitable for that you have to maintain the water level all the time, and bring the fingerling of size more than 25 cm so it can rich to marketable weight. As the paddy crop will harvest after 4 months & the fish will not reach to marketable weight of 800-1000 grams.
you can go for a little quantity in this way. But the Mr. G.P.Rao input is bring you a margin-able profit. wish you all the best.

Best Regards,


Thanks a lot MR. G.P.Rao and Azhar for your valuable information. yes, my question was fish farming in paddy fields on the same time. However Mr. Rao has  shed some more lights on the topic. will share my experiences soon.