Sheep like the leaves of this tree. Which tree is this?

I tried feeding the leaves of this tree to the sheep we have. Apparently, they like the leaves.

Wanted to know what tree is this and if the leaves of this tree are suitable for goat/sheep fodder.

Hi saverafarms,

Looks to me like Arali.  I am not sure whether this is good for goat/sheep.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Is it called mangium in english ?

Dear Johri,

No. as per my little knowledge, Mangium is of Acasia family and its leaves are different,.

The plant you have shown is very well familer. As Padbhanabhanji advises it seems like ARALI (in Hindi known as KARAN) widely used in city gardens,

if I could clearly identify/remember will revert with further inform


This Acacia Mangium tree no doubt. Look out for this in google, you will get to know.

Is it possible to post pics of the pods? We can finalise the debate.

I am on mpneerkaje’s side.  I looks like accacia mangium. See also pics of pods in below link … cale=en_US

Arali(karaveera) leaves are more narrower and it is little bitter also. See below link … B3-1034324

I do agree. its more look like Mangium

It is not flowering right now but the color of the flowers is yellow. If that helps…

This tree is not Acacia mangium. This is Acacia holosericea, an exotic to our country from northern Australia, once used extensively to afforest dry south Indian refractory tracts in 1980s. 
Yes, the phyllodes of the tree are fodder for sheep and goats. However not much relished when green but liked when dry.
Siva Sankara Reddy.