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Hello everyone  :smiley: , We are S+A plant factory research team . We always determined on developing plant factory to a exemplar equipment which can produce safety farm production and conform to human’s requirement. After three years of effort, and numerous investment costs. Finally broken through the seasonal production limits, and using natural agriculture methods to provide human the healthy foods. The values of present high technology plant factory is has already successfully lowered the cost by 10-15%. And compared to the amount of produce on level ground our produce is 30-40 times higher. The average produce cost is 0.8-1.5 times the conventional methods and the time we take is shorter by 35-45 days, even more, we only need to introduce small amount of professional factors to present a working system. You can find out the article about all of practical concepts in our website ( we hope that you can give us your insights or actions and resources for us to stride forward in this field together. We need your support.

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Dear SA8663,
I wanted to do vertical farming with vegetable like tubers, flowers and vegetables.
Please let me know your expertise to venture in to vertical farming.

Hi!dns1807~nice to meet you :slight_smile:
There is too much knowledge can not be conveyed once.
Here is the our open sharing website (about vertical farming)

We are now attend hard to English translated.
So far, we have translated progress towards “part7”.

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**We are in order to promote the concept of plant factory. Not to sell products!!
**We hope that everyone can understand more about plant factory!!

The founder believes that the core value of the plant factory is help agriculture improving the development of refined, decreasing environmental damage, and producing non-toxic and safe fruits and vegetables for people. An aspect of production, it should avoid excessive reliance on technology, and be friendly to the environment.

In order to bring usefulness from plant factory in the society. He continued research it, and sharing new results in internet in these three years.
He wants to provide some information to who interested in the plant factory, there is the theme we share recently~ please click the link below!!

We share part4 this time “Natural farming & Micro Plant Factory - testing concepts studies and analyses”
Part4 is talking about the future of the plant factory depends on the cost budget. Against the present plant factories, the natural farming & micro plant factory reduces 85% of the cost budget, increased the production of strawberries by 30 fold, and the average production cost is 0.8-1.5 times the conventional methods.
Using the natural farming and human oriented concept, if we establish the plant factory within the society, there is hope of solving the the food crisis.

The original video URL:

Micro Plant Factory series talking-other video links

part 1.Natural farming & Micro Plant Factory Concept

part 2. Potential benefits of Natural farming & Micro Plant Factory

part 3.Energy-Saving Green wall system

part 4 (Have posted above)

part 5. Natural farming & Micro Plant Factory - Community Development and Promotion

part 6.Natural farming & Micro Plant Factory - Social aid plans and actions

There are other articles about micro plant factory in our website.
We are now attend hard to English translated.
So far, we have translated progress towards “part7”.

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