Shadenet House Costing

Dear All,

May be this question is been answered thousand times on this forum. Sorry if that is the case.

I’m planning for shadenet construction for my 1acre land near Tiruvanamalai. Have asked for quote from reputed companies like Netafim, Jains, etc… More or less everyone quotes about 14Lakhs on overall cost. This is non-subsidy price.

I thought the shade net is non expensive. 14L seems to be on the higher side. I’m yet to receive this detailed quote on my email.

Question is – Has anyone done shade net recently in TN? What is the cost involved? Is the number quoted correct? Any idea what they justify for 14L?


Dear Sri Prasath_Raghavan,

Shade net house is almost like Green house only. This also have GI pipes , Insect net, shade net etc , like in Green house. Only difference will be centre height ( Gh 21 ft and snh will be 13 ft.) and in shade net house there will be no gutters.

Green house is protected from rains , fog and shade net house is protected from high temperatures.

If the farmers construct the shade net house on his own, it will costs at a lower amount. Up to my knowledge , the GI pipes of std sizes required for Shadenet house used by the reputed organisations , will be around 5 to 5 .5 tons. Shade net of 50% required will be around 5,500 sq mtrs and Insect net also of same quantity. GI Binding wire, profiles and springs etc are required.

Logistics expenditure will be at around 10 to 15 % for companies towards materials, fabricating equipments and for labour, apart from taxes and duties.

As per my gathered information, the shade net house construction by the reputed organisations will be more and it will be as per latest technology, and required standards , where as we, the farmers, in general, may compromises for height, gauges/standards of the using materials , if we want to do it on our selves.

If the same standards are maintained by the farmers, the cost of the reputed companies will be 15 to 25% more than , if we construct on our own.

With best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer

Thank you so much g.p.rao.

Is there a list of things that need to be taken care while assigning the shade net work to companies? May be a checklist to go through? This will help first time shade net users like me.

Also I guess the amount the companies quote is a bit higher side to manage their margin vs govt. subsidies.



I would suggest to go with hybrid polyhouse instead of shed net.

Top will be covered with poly sheet 200 micron and sides will be covered with net for ventilation.

Additionaly you can install fans abd fogger to maintain summer temprature …

Structure will be of bamboo and that will further reduce the cost.

Only thing here is to get the knowledge of below before starting by your own :

  1. Bamboo treatement for longer life.
  2. Bamboo join techniques.
  3. All materials including shed net and poly sheet should be of UV resistence .
  4. proper drainage of rain water.