Shade Net House Construction



Hi , I want to construct 1000 sqmt shed net by my own as there is no subsidy assistent and consultancy available in place.
Can any one please share structural document , material detail specially pipes and from where i can buy them.

Thanks in advance


Hi? First you meet your Banker for your clarifications.


@dns1807 banker for what?

As i have stated fund is not sufficient with govt and no subsidy in this fiscal.
And i want to build by my own means i will bear the expenditure by my own sources.

Where banker is coming into picture i am really not sure please elaborate.



If subsidy is not required than you need to contact structural Engineer near your area/ Hardware storte for meterials.


Where are you based?


I am based out of MP.


@dns1807 :smiley: :wink: :smiley:


Visit this website:

They have a range of products, are very competitive and should be able to meet your requirements.



Try to use bamboo long poles in place of metal pipes to lower the cost. I heard that bamboo can even last for 20+ years. So give it a shot.


Its false information.


Hi Please share your contact details for green house construction.

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