Sexed semen for cows

hi, friends
i would like to know more information on sexed semen’s ,is it safe,is it available some were near Bangalore, Private or through govt organisations and is it only for hf or jersey cows,and what are the rates for the same… :slight_smile:
navin shetty .

Some of the best semen of government agency is in Hesserghetta near bangalore they have the finest shaiwal semen, murrah and other breeds as well.


sir,thanks Antony_Pratap,
though i know about government agency is in Hesserghetta near Bangalore ,i was more interested in the sexed semen’s, and to get it near here,
thanks again sir,
navin shetty.

From whatever I’ve learned from Internet, I can say that its available only for HF & Jersey Cows. Rate of success seems to be good enough. I haven’t found anyone selling it.

I’d suggest you try GOOGLE MAHARAJ to find some source :wink:

[size=140]Dear Navin Shetty
Sexed semen is only available in Punjab & Parts of Hariana. It is not produced in our country. Punjab Government has imported some sexed semen straws on experimental basis. Cost of one dose of sex semen varies between Rs1000/- to 1500/-.Conception rate of sexed semen is very low (25% or less).It is not recommended in cows due to high cost & low conception rate. One(X semen) straw contains only two million spermatozoa in comparison to 20-30 million in conventional semen straws. One can try it in heifers.  Dr.A.K.Kar

I want to buy HF semen … I am from mumbai want to know the cost and reliability I heard about ABS India …and about there hf (pioneer) bull semen but can’t find out the actual cost of the semen please guide