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While searching net for solution to some of the queries I have, I came across to a drug called Aulprofem which is said to be promoting birth of female calf. It is said to be executed during the heat and they claim to have above 90% result.

Is this true?

Please guide.

[size=140]Dear Prasham
Aulprofem was created in 1990 by Dr. B. S. Aulakh. The product got international patent  in June 2002.The drug is said to increases conception rate  of female calf  in cows & Buffaloes(female sex fixer). The dose of the  drug is 250 ml orally given  half an hour before AI or natural service . Cost of single dose is about Rs500/-.Field research report  on this drug is not available. It is still in experimental stage. Even two decades after creation it is not yet  popular in the field. Many Indian companies are importing & selling the drug. You can try it in one or two cases. Your other threads need elaborate reply. You can expect replay to your other questions within a week or two.   
                                                                              DR.A.K.KAR [/size]

Thanks Dr. A. K. Kar.

Actually trials were conducted by some Dr. J S Mehta of Bikaner Vet. College. I shall talk to him on phone tomorrow and lets see what he has to say. What I read on website is that he found positive results above 85% in his trials.

Moreover this product is having patent in many countries which suggests it can’t be a dud. Lets see. I’ll update the thread tomorrow.

In addition to the above, I inform you that Mr. Prateek Vaish of Model Dairy Farm, Kanpur has mentioned somewhere on this forum that he too is using Sex Fixers for generating more female calves. I’ll send him a mail in this regards and lets see what he has to say. In the mean time if Chandra or you or anyone else is knowing him please contact him in the matter.

UPDATE: Just finished talking to Dr. J S Mehta (Contact No.09414278372) on the above issue.

He confirmed that he had conducted trials of the medicine. In initial trials he found that the success ration was pretty high but prolonged trials conducted over 1.5 years concluded that this medicine isn’t a huge success. According to him success ration wasn’t higher than 60%.

I’ll wait for review by Mr. Prateek Vaish who is not only using it but also is owner of a renowned dairy farm and a very knowledgeable person in the industry.

[size=140]Dear prasham
I had contacted Dr. Tusar Kumar Mohanty (Principal Scientist Gynecology) National Dairy Research Institute Karnal to know about efficacy of aluprofem. As per the statement of Dr. Mohanty, Scientists of NDRI are against the use of this drug. Dr. Aulakh had approached them in 2007 for trail of the drug. He could not prove efficacy of the drug in in-vitro condition. (egg cells are fertilised by sperm outside the body). Since dairy farming is a business, economic aspect of this drug is also important. Now most of the dairy farmer of our country are adopting Artificial insemination for their animals .Average conception rate in artificial insemination is 40%.That means 2.5 Artificial inseminations are required for a successful pregnancy .If a farmer uses aulprofem before each AI he will spend Rs1250/- per animal (for 2.5 AI). The chance of getting a female calf without aluprofen is 50% & (if claims of Dr. Aulakh were correct) it will be 85% after spending Rs.1250/-. which is not very attractive for a dairy farmer. Dr.A.K.Kar

If by paying Rs. 1250/- extra I can get 85% female calf conception rate, I would gladly go for it. There are 2 main advantages

  1. You’ll be rearing a female calf which will start milking in about 27-30 months. New Heifers don’t cost less than Rs. 35,000/- (atleast in my area). In my opinion this is a good deal.

  2. Culling of male calves is the biggest menace of today’s Dairy Industry. This has gone tremendously high after HF Cross Breeds become popular. This could be stopped/reduced to much larger extent if this drug had potential.

But alas… like I said if this drug had potential.

Thanks for the comments Dr. Kar.

[size=240][color=blue]U r right Mr. Prasham.  I agree with you.  Expected 85% (if) success rate is a worth taking risk.

R R[/color][/size]

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