Setup a polyhouse/greenhouse in 1200 ft land

I am based in Bhubaneswar - in the middleof the city.
I have around 1500 sqft land lying vacant. Of this, i want to use around 1200 sqft land for commercial agriculture purpose.
Crops which will be economically viable.

I want to know the steps involved, subsidy if I can get and the cost involved.

If this will be successful,I have a rooftop of around 2000 sqft which I plan to use next.


For smaller areas, generally the dimension is a constraint to have a saw tooth model and hence tunnel type is recommended. But again whether saw tooth model is possible or not can be let known only when we have exact length and breadth of your plot.


Can you please share the dimensions of the 1500sft plot?

Also, regarding subsidy, NHB offers subsidy upto Rs 54 lakhs (Atleast on paper) but only for area above 2500 sqm. And as per the price norms its 935/sqm for naturally ventilated & 1465/sqm for artificial ventilation.

My suggestion would be to fabricate with MS & use LDPE or shadenet as cladding and drip setup. This way cost can be kept to minimum even without any financial benefits available to you.


Thank you.
The dimension will be around 5035 ft …of this I plan to use 4030 ft

Naturally ventilated Saw tooth type PH  is possible for the quoted area. As mentioned earlier fabrication with MS and using shade net or ldpe should be a good economical option.


Thank for the reply.Can you plz let us know in detail.

I am unable to understand the terms used by you. :frowning:

The type or model or design of the skeleton/frame/structure - Tunnel shaped or saw tooth shaped. Refer attached pic’s

Cladding Material - Can be shadenet or LDPE (Low density polyethylene) or combination, Walls generally has insect nets

Skeleton/frame/structure construction material - Wood (bamboo) or steel(Mild Steel or Galvanized Steel)

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the pics.

can you please let me know how much it will cost to build this up?

Cost for the tunnel type polyhouse 40’*30’ in MS with 70% shadenet should cost you roughly 40K and with LDPE should cost roughly 55k

Cost for the saw tooth type polyhouse 40’*30’ in MS with 70% shadenet should cost you roughly 60K and with LDPE should cost roughly 75k.


The more the area the lesser the cost
Dimension also determines price i.e if the same 1200sft was 60’*20’, cost would be less

Hope this helps.


ok…what are the advantage,disadvantage of each?

Ventilation, cost etc

@Rks123 – sir even I am from Odisha.

I heard from a forum member that Odisha Govt is also giving subsidy for construction of shadenet/ poly house. Did u chk with the horticulture department?

Also from what I know govt approved vendors will construct the polyhouse on approval of your application and you only have to pay a part of the total cost. But often the prices are inflated. Do check out with the Horticulture department before you plan anything might save you a few bucks. :slight_smile:

Please post any new developments…

Thanks everyone for your help.

I will check with the local dept and will post.