Service of Geologist for borewell

Dear friends,
I always wanted to be a farmer. But my father insisted that I complete my graduation before I decide what to do in life. I completed my graduation now and want to pursue farming. To begin with I am trying to support my father who has been doing rainfed cultivation . We tried local specialists and failed in borewell attempts. My father is very much disheartened and I suggested taking a geologist"s help.  We do not have a geologist near us( we could not find one). Will anyone please help us in finding a geologist near Sira. I sent a mail to the gentleman who mentioned about the services he received from a Professor in Engg college at Chitradurga asking for the details of the geologist(professor in engg college at Chitradurga). I am expecting a reply from him soon.
Will be grateful if anyone can pass on info in this regard.
thank you,

Sorry to know about the situation - I know that can be very painful.

I have recently engaged a geologist for my own land and his best points were the worst in reality. This person did the divining using copper rods - indeed the copper rods moved in his hands - but I am guessing the movement does not necessarily indicate water.

I hope you find a good geologist, but this is a word of caution anyway.

Dear Sir,
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