Sell : Yacon / Peruvian Ground Apple ( Fresh Roots

Indian farmers ( Kalimpong , West Bengal ) grown south-american Yacon ( also called Peruvian Ground Apple , Bolivian sunroot, Ground pear, Strawberry jicama etc. ) .

Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) , a member of the sunflower family is a tuberous root species , a native to the Andean region of South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru )
Yacon root looks like a sweet potato,or Jicama but it has a completely different taste, texture, and nutrient profile. Tastes like cross between fresh apple and watermelon, and crunchy
The yacon tuberous roots have a GI of approximately 34,and relatively low in carbohydrates thus they are considered a healthy and functional food
Culinary uses :
Fresh Yacon roots are consumed as a raw vegetable or in salads .
An extract from yacon tuberous roots is used as a sweetening agent. It can also be added to ice cream, processed into stews and chips, fermented into pickles, and made into desserts.
“CHANCACA” is a concentrated sweetener obtained from the boiling process and crystallization of the root juice , similar as Jaggery lumps .
Just like agar, arrowroot powder, and tapioca flour, yacon roots can also be used as a yogurt stabilizer or thickener and a low-calorie sweetener in cheese and milk drinks .

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