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Nipa Palm ( Nypa fruticans )
Bengali vernacular name : Golpata

The natural distribution of Nipa palm is now restricted to the. Sundarbans
( India & Bangladesh ) is an endangered mangrove palm , also found in the tropical Indo-West Pacific region, from Sri Lanka through Asia to Northern Australia and the Western Pacific islands,
It is an unusual palm tree because its trunk grows beneath the ground and only its leaves and flower stalks grow above the surface.
It is the only palm considered adapted to the mangrove biome

Culinary uses : Nipa palm is also much valued for the sweet sap tapped from the stalk of the inflorescence. Similar as Coconut or Palmyra . A sugary sap obtained from the inflorescence is used mainly to to make syrup, sugar and vinegar and alcoholic beverage .
Tender seed kernel of immature fruit is eaten raw has a delicious creamy flavor, sweet and jelly-like resembles like ice apple .

Environmental use : This salt-tolerant plant species that have special adaptations to NaCl stress, including salt-filtering roots and salt-excreting glands on leaves. This palm helps stabilizing soils, protecting against erosion, reducing the forces of cyclones and high sea waves in the coastal zones .

Interested coastal farmers , agro-entrepreneurs may contact for Nipa palm sprout or seedling for propagation purpose .

Availability of the seedling : End of July – Aug

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