Sell : Mother seed of Austrian Winter Pea / Field Pea / Black Pea

A lesser known , wild , heirloom pea variety of West Bengal
Dried Pea size are Black papper size .
Black pea or Field pea (Pisum sativum ) also known as DONGAR ONI Vatana among tribals of India . Also called Dun pea, Kapucijner pea or Austrian winter pea etc in other countries.
Field pea or Black pea differs from fresh vegetable or succulent green or yellow pea
Pea pods are 1.0-2.0″ long and the flowers are commonly a reddish-pink-violet color.
These black pepper size peas are incredibly popular as both a farm /garden cover crop and as a Microgreen for pea shoots.
Its flour is valued as a good vegetable protein source.
Use in part to cook Rotis, Parathas and other breads to add protein to diet
Field Peas are also an important ingredient in Japanese cuisine, used in an Paste - a high-protein sweet filling used in or on cookies, crackers and pastries.
Field pea or Black pea are inexpensive source of high quality protein for humans and livestock dietary needs.
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