Sell : Cape Gooseberry mother seed

A lesser known , underutilized south American fruit species – CAPE GOOSEBERRY
Botanical name** : Physalis peruviana
Hindi name** : Rasvary
Bengali name** : Tapari
It is grown as a commercial crop as well as in the kitchen gardens and mostly grown in Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, M.P. Bihar and Punjab.
Gooseberry reaches 2 to 3 ft (1.6 - 0.9 m) in height but occasionally may attain 6 ft (1.8) m. Cape gooseberry can also be grown as an intercrop with other fruit crops.
The Cape gooseberry fruits are cherry size, golden-yellow, like a small globe and is deliciously sweet. The fruit type is berry with the diameter about 12.5 to 25.0 mm and the weight ranges from 4 - 10 g, which contain about 100-300 seeds per fruit.
Soil condition :The ideal soil for cropping is well drained sandy-clayey and should be rich in organic matter (greater than 4%) with 5.5 6.8pH. It is a relatively hardy plant and can be grown in poor and degraded soils.
Propagation : by seed
Sowing season :August-Sep
Irrigation : It is very susceptible to drought and requires regular watering
Harvesting :Harvesting of the fruit usually happens about 60 to 100 days ( Feb-Mar )
Yield: Average yield varies with 4.5-6 tons per hectare.
Storage :If the fruit is left inside the intact calyx husks and it about 30–45 days shelf life at room temperature. In case of storage fruits should be stored at 2-4ºC. In cool storage at 2 0C temperature, the fruits will keep for four to five months.
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