Sell : Broom Grass / Tiger Grass (Thysanolaena latifolia) clumps

Broom Grass / Tiger Grass (Thysanolaena latifolia)
Introduction :
Plantation of broom grass (thysanolaena maxima) was promoted at roadsides, barren areas and farmlands. Due to its strong web-like rooting system, broom grass helped prevent soil erosion, and stabilize slopes.
Broom grass can regenerate quickly even in degraded land, and does not require much maintenance.
It can be used to make brooms, the leaves can feed livestock, and the stems and roots provide fuel wood.
Planting material : Rooted clumps
Price : Rs 25 each ( nursery bag packing with soil )
MOQ : 1000 pcs ( Above 5000 Rs. 15 each )
CONTACT : WA +91-8327490158

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