Selecting Tractor brand

Hi Friends,

we are from Balasore/Odisha(a Coastal town), planning to buy a tractor (45-50HP) for our farm which should go well with field and road as well. Tractors available at our place and I  need your inputs before zeroing in on one…
1> New Holland - 47HP
2> John Deere - No Service available at my town
3> Sonalika - No Service available at my town
4> Mahindra Swaraj

Though we get good inputs about New Holland (though few say it has some gear issues), but it would be great if we can hear from practical users on the forum  :slight_smile:
Is there anything we need to consider before purchasing. Your suggestion helps!!!


In my city Mahindra,Swaraj,MasseyFerguson are top selling brands. New holland is little expensive for maintenance(farmers opion). Everybody suggests Mahindra.

So this purely depends on dealers and service.

Hello All, First post,
  Glad to have found the forum.

  Though not a practical user, (am myself planning to buy one by end Feb 2015); what you need to consider before purchasing are,

  How much haulage (road trailing , in Kgs) you will do and
  What farm implements you will use.

  My enquirers of late revealed Mahindra Bhumiputra - 265 Di 30Hp & 265 Di pp (power plus) 35 HP. Great specs, good hydraulics, nice mileage and muscle. Have seen it too but have no experience in tractors. Been riding 4 wheelers since 20 yrs now.

  So don’t take my word for it. do some checks at your end and look for servicebility and your own requirements. Will do fine.

  Cheers, naf  :slight_smile:

Even I was looking for purchase, however second hand one. Was eyeing one Sonalika 745, any views on that model?
I need minimum 40 HP.


Even around here, Mahindra, Swaraj, Massey Ferguson and Eicher are the popular ones. The first two are from the Mahindra stable and the last two are from TAFE. I think Swaraj and Eicher are the economy brands.

John Deere rules in the larger HP segment and is seen as very reliable and full featured.

Sonalika is not very well regarded here. New Holland has limited presence.

All said, most impressions may be based more on hearsay than the statistics.

I recommend you compare the tech specs - single or double clutch, speeds, depth & draft control, PTO power etc. before you choose one.

Thanks a lot to ALL for your valuable inputs.

we are thinking of New Holland 47HP one, as it has sale/service near to place. yes the service will be lil costly but sales guy telling that we need to consider the durability of the product and features/technology it has. Lets see :slight_smile:


Hello Pradhan,
  Kindly tell me of one sales person who rubbishes his product / service. Insofar, i have spoken to atleast 3 different tractor dealers and each one claims superiority over the other two. Wonder who’s telling the truth?

  Some issues i encountered and considered.
  Work - On field and road. Most implements i need will work for the 35 hp and will also haul decent load.
  Service - very accessible in my area.
  Fuel - the heavier the machine and work load, the more fuel it will need, So make proper analysis of the work load and keep to specs that can do it. Unnecessary heavy specs will only cost in the long run.
  Durability - Though i’m pretty new to this field but i’m sure you can see around your area some very old looking tractors still running on the roads and on the fields too. Tractors are heavy built machines that last longer that ordinary four wheel cars. What newly built tractors lack features i wonder.

  Tomorrow i’ll be visiting a larger dealership with more brands & options, let’s see what comes. Are you aware that there are some govt subsidies on tractors for agri purpose as well as subsidize on interest for a loan? I’m yet to zero in on the exact govt. subsidies for this. If you or other members are aware of any thing on this, kindly inform here. One NABARD link i found is this : … ering.aspx but couldn’t figure the subsidy element.

  Also important to note is that the price for tractors could increase in the new year. Atleast that’s what i hear around my place. Could be dealers tactics but i will not take a chance on this as the increment is estimated to be around 25k. I could buy three implements with that amount.
  So i’ll first figure out which one i’m going to buy and from whom, give a booking amount of about 15k to the dealer by 25 dec 2014, apply for loan, get it approved and collect the machine from the dealer by mid feb 2015 and immediately go buy thrasher as my first implement as thrashers will be hard to find if i start to look for them right when the harvest starts coz of large demand, short supply & useless hefty prices in harvest season. I will need the use of tractor not before end Feb or mid March 2015 but planning and buying it a month before will help me save costs.
  Also, a fellow farmer who’s helping me buy the machine suggest to buy it a month before and make mild use of it before i put the machine to actual farm use as that helps the machine engine to be “Rawa” as that help in the longevity of the machine.

  That’s the work flow chart i’ve planned for the tractor. Members, pls feel free to make suggestions. None the less, one should be the best judge for what suits oneself. Choose wisely, … & do keep us posted on the developments.

  Cheers, naf :slight_smile:


This is common in all field, in automobile it is too much.

When I purchased a brush cutter I faced same problem. 2.2hp Stihl brush cutter costed 38K and 2.5hp Oleomac costed 28K. The dealer of Stihl brand was making propaganda, oleomac is inferior, no spares avaialble, too many customer complaints etc… and Oleomac dealer did exactly same. They blame each other. it is waste asking anyhing with them.