SEES-New invention-Better way of using Solar Energy on Plants

I came across this topic in an agri magazine, thought of sharing with forum members. Courtesy: Sujata Sanchike,Oct13(kannada Agri magazine)

It is a new invention on boosting plant growth. Solar Electrical Energy Solutions(SEES) is a new(25year old) invention, already tested by many farmers in Kerala. A progressive farmer and ex-TV mechanic invented this system.

As Newton got the idea by a apple bump, Mr.Manual Vadekketu from Kottayam,Kerala also found this accidentally. He was a TV mechanic, in olden days TV antennas were fitted on tallest trees in remote villages. These are the days dish was not place and relay stations were not set up.  TV antennas were fitted with boosters. Those days he observed a strange phenomenon, the trees fitted with antennas were growing much faster than other trees, and the technician had to elevate it as the branches used to cover the antenna.

If the antennas removed from a tree and put on another tree, the tree which got antenna removed decreased the growth rate and the tree got mounted with antenna started growing much faster.

  1. He invented an electrolytic solution which can be used as fertiliser.
  2. He started using GI wires used as antenna and connected to ground.
  3. Invented new plantation methods called 2in1, 3 in1 and 4 in1 for Rubber plantation. These are high density methods.

Initially everybody laughed at his methods, even his own family members did not believe. Now his daughter is promoting his inventions and eager to take it forward.

Below are few TV programs( sorry I dont understand Malayalam, I cant translate)

The liquids are called SEES1 and SEES3. it is prepared with Salt-250g, Jaggery-500g,Any Dicot flour 1Kg10 liters of water. take it in can and shake it up and down see below video at 11th min.

Sri as per mail. I have translated correct upto my capability. Not very good with Malayalam.

Translation is of the first video.

Also lines in brackets are comments added by me and not mentioned in the video.

Please excuse me for spell mistakes and gramm errors. All in hurry let me know if you guys have any doubt or want to know more on any particular part.

anchor talk

all living beings have eletric circut in them this is also know as electro homepathy. source -

If you can stimulate, increase the flow of energy you can increase the growth and health of plants, animals etc.

Manual has invented a fertilizer with the help of solar energy in the form of water soluable fertilizer.

After the car ride.
3rd min.

Rubber is a much debated crop in Kerala. However rubber is the only 100% reliable crop in Kerala for a farmer without any doubt.

Manual could have easily followed the common rubber plantation approach and easily made a living. But it was not about money but

learning and understanding.

Because of rubber plant damage and prone to infections he started to learn more about it.

When we face to east. our shadow falls on right and left side(So that is the essense of planting two rubber trees close by).

Most people say when it proves difficult to grow one tree. how is it possible to grow two next to each other.
So I started to research and I found that when a tree stands straight then it will have less attration towards earth (gravity). But

when there are two plants next to each other they tend to spread and bend so the gravitional pull is more.

bent trees have more ability to pull vital force(What he say is correct I have seen it, bent trees have more hard wood as compared to

same species planted at same time, but the hard wood was sort of useless, because it was full of curve and bents as compared to the

straight grown tree).


2002 Manual first planted his experimental rubber plants. He was aware of the criticism but he had done his homework and

kept it a private affair.


Have you not seen in forest elephants are ways in groups. tiger, bison all move in groups. In short same speices travel and eat together. Even plants grown in paricular area together. So we have to make sure if you plant one variety of plant rest also have to be same. If not followed growth difference and other problem arises.

As per rubber board each rubber tree should grow 3 inch in diameter. so by fifth year tree should be 15 inch(normal plantation).

Suprisingly in Manual’s farm trees are 18 to 23 inch. which were closely planted(double the number od trees than normal plantation).

180 trees is adviced in 1 acre of land. 15 feet is the ideal distance between each trees. In Manual’s farm there are 360 trees.

9 min
He plants trees in 2.5 feet depth, 2.5 length and breadth. He plants one tree on south-east side corner, lets call this T1. and the other in between north and west as T2.

9:8 min
Sun moves in east, south, west direction. So T1 trees shade will never fall on T2Tree. Same way T2 trees shade will

never fall on T1. In this way both trees get proper sunlight. (I have seen rubber tree they will do anything to harvest

sunlight, it spread the branches where ever possible. If you are planing to experiment on other trees please study it well. This may

not work with coconut tree because of fixed crown (canopy area) or for that matter many other trees)

Tree should be same size. once planted he only covers half the pit with soil. Then the pit is made into wide saucer shape of 6 feet diameter.

Then he pours the sees solution and mulchs it well. so that moisture is maintined, water harvesting also takes palce and helps bacteria culture.

Trees grow in V-SHAPE without disturbing each other(this is some thing great, for rubber farmers. trust me).


Difference between two pits are 20 feet. Farm plantation is in some tringular shape, (which is not explained in detail).


if you adopt this techinue there is no need for replantaion. It is life long investment.with less investment and expenses. Less labour

charge. I have 360 trees but I need to look after only 180 pits.

He also realised syntheic chemicals totally mess up plant growth and health.


Anchor talk same as above.

(Like jeevan amrit). His product is know as Jeeva Shakti Valam(Valam fertilizer in malayalam)


SEES. Televion story as mentioned by Sri in the above post. To understand more on this part - read Electrohomeopathy


He also understood blue UV rays are good to stop aging. Red UV good for fruit production.

Its mentioned in Electrohomeopathy how to extract this energy from Sun.


He has learned homeo treatment. This fertilizer is a eletric conductor which can be seen with a multimeter. When plants get this solution they can aborb more energy from sun. (It makes sense even human body is a eletric circut, Magnesium, potassium, calcium etc plays a vital role in smooth body function by keeping flow of energy Human circut / but by large homeo is considered nonsense)

He stores solar energy in a placeco solution. Once it is done he then has to toss the solution 80 times.

170 rupees for a bottle. 10 ml once in 4 months for a single tree. that comes to 10 rupees per tree for a year.
It is also good to apply where the tree has been tapped for milk, it heals fast and outer skin growth is more.

17:35 close by farmers review on his fertilizer.

19 min

He has also devised his own way of tapping rubber. Using his way will increase 10 ml extra milk per tree. basically there is less damage to tree. and you can reap harvest for many years to come.

As per him rubber trees live for 200 years(My personal experience most farmers after 15 to 20 years sell rubber timber and plant new ones after extraction all the sap)

Today his farm has become a place for other farmers to learn and understand.

21:19 farmer after the visit states that the trees are healthy and strong. (yes the rubber tree look in good shape and even tough they are close to each other, there is no issues in their size. Where as on other farms I have noticed tree under shade have stunted growth.)

He say most farmers are not thinking out of the box. when some one get a idea they are just hooked onto it. their hardly think any other way out. Gives a example about monkey.


He was not allowed subsidy from rubber board. But they understood there is something what he has to offer to the communtity and now his farm is selected as a reserch farm on rubber trees.(shares his experience)

Next year onwards
(not sure which year) his farm will be judged after considering milk production. (But I know it will be high because the trees look in good shape).

hope this transaltion help other farmers. But do visit his place for more indept knowledge.

That was fentastic. Thank you for your time.

I learnt he has guided few farmers on banana and got 20% more yield. He believes it can be aplied on all crops.

you are welcome.

I believe it works because this fertilizer is a electric conductor. This principle can also be seen in Jeeva amrit (Cows urine) By far one of the best methods I have seen to enrich soil and plants.

Cows urine can be used to generated power and it is being practiced in some parts of the world. I see a bigger opportunity in future.