Security Fencing for Farm or Agriculture

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I want to Know the different types of fencing available in the market to protect my farm from the outsiders, I am very afraid of the outsiders entering into the farm. suggest me the best fencing to install.

Hello Santosh,

I am also looking for live fencing ideas to protect from local farmer’s animal.

I have started planting Putush during rainy season which is easily available. Kindly go google about Putush, you will get idea.

Additionally, I am thinking to plant Bamboo that will grow 4-5 feet within 5-7 month of time and will be ready to harvest after 3 to 3.6 year. However I am planning plant Bamboo only at outer-side / boundary. so that land area won’t get wasted.

Do share your thought and any other ideas!!

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Interesting idea Mr. AyushKr,

Is it available in the form of seeds or how it can be?

can you please shed some light?

I am not sure about seed but plant is easily available in most of the northern India. It can be easily planted with little care during initial phase. It has small thorn, animal don’t eat it and has strong resistance against common agricultural disease.

Thank you, let me search for them

Check this out too:

Putush - Lantana is known as a stubborn weed in many parts of world. If used for fencing, it will easily start spreading to other parts of the farm. You have to actively manage it for restricting it to only fence.

One of the old farmer has warned me another factor, as these lantana’s will be considered as heat plant’s he suggested me not to plant them near agri fields, does anyone of you came across this type of suggestions?

Plant Glirecedia, it is nitrogen fixing tree and will help your crop. Sow the seeds 1 feet apart on the boundry

Here is the update - I am starting with 1 acre land, did fencing with bamboo and planted Putush (Lantana).

About 60% of the planted Putush survived and now growing.

It took about 45 days to Putush to stand its root.

I have taken few snap, hope this will help.!

It is good to have barbed fence, it would cost Rs60-70 per running feet which includes raw material and labour and this is assuming you do not outsource the work to a third person.
Once you have the fencing, you cannot relax. You should do the following to have a second line of defence to protect your farm from intruders. As we all know, barbed wire can degrade over years and people are smart enough to trespass inspite of the fencing.

  1. Plant trees at a distance of 10-20ft (Malabar neem, Neem, Pongamia)- it will supply you with enough organic matter for you farm as well
  2. Sow seeds of Glirecedia every 3 feet- it will act like a wall. Make sure you chop the Glirecedia once in a year to ensure it does not outgrow more than your requirement. It is also a great source of organic matter
  3. If the intruder issue is so serious, plant soapnut or Gajjaga (this is kannada name) every 10 ft- it is so thorny that it can cause serious damage to the intruders
  4. Plant Amrut balli all along the fence - it will inter twine with the barbed wire within a season or two, If is so strong and ferocious in growth that you cannot undo it.

Plz remember the barbed wire fence has a life span of a decade or two with good maintenance, so plan for your second line of defence before you end up investing in another round of fencing

I have practised all the above in my 17 acre farm, its showing great results.
Below are my before and after snapshot in a years time