Saw to cut mango tree branches

As mango tree branches should be cut using axe.
I need to buy tree saw.
Where can I buy these?


Can you partake in your location where are you living, it will be comfortable to suggest after knowing your locality.

Karimnagar Telangana

Thanks alot


Bosch has handheld circular saw’s

Depending on the diameter of the blade needed you may want to select the model.

My suggestion would be to try at Ranigunj.

Also make sure you ask for wood cutting blades as most guys would assume you need steel cutting blades.

Hope this helps.

Also below links would give you indicative pricing; … /chain-saw


Hello, please check with your Horticulture AO who should give you some tolls for Pruning, cutting Branches etc. and subsidised rates. I got a pair of Falcon Pruners, Folding Saws and High Branch cutters from my AO a year back.