Save your Food - BRAI bill

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The Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) bill is the ultimate threat to the safety of our food. The bill will create a body that will allow genetic modification of our food. It is due to be tabled in the upcoming session of Parliament.

Right now, state governments can reject any open release or field experiments of genetically modified (GM) crops in their respective states. With the BRAI in place, state governments will lose this power.

Public opposition has kept the Central government from tabling the bill in Parliament so far. We must ensure that the bill is not tabled in the upcoming session as well. This can happen if State governments also oppose the introduction of this controversial bill.

If you want to oppose it, you can write to your Chief Minister and ask her/him to oppose the BRAI bill because it threatens our food safety. … our-CM.php

Earlier, opposition from people and various state governments, helped get a moratorium on the genetically modified Bt brinjal.[1] People across the country have been expressing their displeasure with this bill,[2] that can bring Bt brinjal back. If the States join in, then the Central government will find it difficult to introduce this bill in Parliament.

The BRAI bill will ease the entry of dangerous GM food into our country.[3] The body created, will become the autocratic approver of GM crops. BRAI can even override the Right to Information act and deny us information on the safety of GM food.

If you want to oppose it, you can write to your CM and ask her/him to save your food from genetic modification. … our-CM.php

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