Sandalwood - Unfolding mystery to earn Rs 10-25 crores in about 15-20 years

Earlier sandalwood was completely controlled by government and now private people have been permitted to grow sandalwood in their own land . So many people started growing sandalwood in anticipation of earning a very huge income of Rs.10 crore to 25 crore in one acre in about 15-20 years and market price of sandalwood is determined based on quality of heartwood and oil content . But the complexity of natural ecosystem in which sandalwood plant grows is continuing to be a mystery and failure to understand the mystery disappointed 98 % of sandalwood growers . Only those 2% of sandalwood growers in India who unfolded the mystery have succeeded in growing successful sandalwood plantation . Right knowledge is essential to earn very huge income from sandalwood farming .Indian sandalwood ,more specifically Mysore sandal is the best and highly valued in international market and 5 acres of sandal wood scientifically cultivated would bring in Rs.50 crores in about 20-25 years .

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