Sandalwood plantation in Punjab

Hello Everyone

I want to grow Sandalwood in 1 acre in my Farmhouse in Punjab. I have bought the trees from a govt nursery. However I am told that Sandalwood is a parasitic plant and requires some nitrogen fixing trees and plants to survive.

If someone has experience in the same, kindly recommend the trees and plants which should be grown along with Sandalwood to ensure the trees grow.

Also kindly help me with any other advise and help which is critical in such plantation especially in Punjab

Hi ,
Can be grown with savukku have done in this method in our native


Thanks Vijai. Any more trees because this particular tree doesn’t seem to be found in North

Hi Jashan, I also want to grow sandalwood in 1 acre in my farmhouse in Punjab SAS near Zirakpur. Can you please let em know the registration process for the same with Government rules and regulations , or provide any link where such information could be found?