Rukmaji msg Agricultural Developers

Where there is money, there goes talent. It is how the corporate giants across the globe have been built. The pay to the core team is 10 X. It doesn’t mean that the core team begins at 10 X. They grow up fast along with the company. Initially they contribute more than what they are paid for & gradually, they get paid more than what they contribute. We@ Agri Fund are looking for passionate team who can independently handle a business turn over of a few 100 crores which is through sale & purchase of Agricultural Farm Lands. Our business fundamental is this: We buy Agri farm lands in bulk say 1000+ acres each @ ₹5 to 8 lakhs & develop them in such a way that we can sell them at ₹10 lakhs an acre. We invite one business head for each state. Only the serious can connect on