Rose farming in Karnataka: Complete package of cultivation

Dear Friends,
Please share any good detailed document/link to video on open field rose cultivation. My requirement is constant revenue generation to handle my daily expenses at my horticulture farm (Pomegranate, Papaya, Moringa, Banana) near Hiriyur, Karnataka. Initially I am planning rose farming in one acre.
What I need to know is:

  1. Soil types
  2. Weather
  3. Where are good quality saplings availability in Karnataka (Near Tumkur, Chitradurga, Hiriyur, Bangalore), Treatment of saplings before planting, Immediate aftercare after planting.
  4. Season for starting the plantation
  5. Land preparation before planting
  6. Plantation Layout
  7. Water schedule
  8. Nutrient management (Detailed) (solid or liquid fertilizers - Which is better)
  9. Common pest/disease in Rose. Precautions to avoid pest/disease.

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Dear Farmnest brothern,

Can any one of you throw some light on this topic please?

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Rose varieties - Edward, Andhra Red, YCD-1, Hybrid Tea

Spacing - 2 M * 1 M

Population per acre - 2000 plants

Nutrients requirement - 6 grams Nitrogen , 12 grams Phosporus , 12 grams potash per plant

Plant the layers during June - July during the onset of monsoon

Prune the plants during second fortnight of November

Pest - Red scales, Mealy bug, Bud worm,

Disease - Back spot disease , Powdery mildew

Harvest through out the year

Yield - 4 lac flowers per acre per year …

General requirement

Land should be weed free

Use more organic manure - Rose respond well to farm yard manure

Besides general pruning do prune the plants whenever needed depending upon the growth of plants

You can also produce layers that can be sold to other farmers

Rose cultivation is somewhat labor intensive crop …

As much as possible do use organic inputs in lieu of chemical inputs in case of flower cultivation …

You can get your nursery plants in Hosur near Bangalore …

But if you belong to bellary in karnataka that is registering extreme temperature during winter and summer , better you can install polyhouse to ensure year round production …

If you want to make huge money in ROse here is a business techniques for you …

You grow different color roses in  your nursery and using " Budding techniques you can produce " Magic Rose " that bears different colored roses like red, yellow, white , pink , green color rose flowers in a single plant that caqn be sold to city people …Mainly college students and women folk like this kind of color roses to grow in their home …

You can sell a single plant @ Rs.250 to 500 depending on the demand for this color roses in cities mainly metropolitan ( cosmopolitan ) cities like Bangalore

Thanks a lot for the valuable information sir.

My farm is in Hiriyur which records considerably more heat than Bangalore if not as much as Bellary.

Is dutch rose not viable in open field farming? However, to start with I would like to go with less risky varieties.

I am planning for Bangalore market to sell cut flowers before I get hold of things as to how to manage selling plants using budding technique that you suggested. Will sure give it a try after I gain some confidence.
For Hiriyur climate (hot-max 37*C and windy), which variety is more suitable in terms of heat tolerance & better market demand?

Please give me the contact number or the name of the nursery where I can purchase the nursery plants in case if you have one. How much each plant costs if I go for say 4000 plants?

Does plastic mulching helps in savings vis-a-vis investment? If so, please suggest a suitable variety and the approx. price for one acre.

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Dear Guru …

I understand that your location is experiencing extreme climate and also scanty rainfall …From your writings I see you opt for growing cut flower rose varieties intended for bangalore market …My earlier postings advocate rose cultivation in open field condition …Locations like Hosur or bangalore sorroundings and pune are found favorable for cut flower production and also some hill stations like Ooty, kodaikanal yercaud in Tamilnadu and elsewhere with mild climatic conditions …

But cut flower needs protected environment for better growth and yield especially in your location …you better redesign your plan …

Rose meant for cut flowers are First Red, Grandgala, Ravel,Konfetty, Bianca, Pretty woman and passion , osiana, Raising sun …
Temperature - 20 to 27 degree celsius
Planting material - budded plants , not ordinary kind
Spacing - 75 CMS * 75CMS = 2 numbers per sq.m
No of flowers per plan per annum is 80
No of flowers per sq m is 160
No of flowers per acre 6.4 lac flowers
Growing medium / ground cover - 25 kgs each of paddy husk and cocoapeat per sq m , media Ph 5.5 to 6.5 and water EC to be less than 0.7
Besides you need to give irrigation @ 5-8 lit per sq m
Basal application of 2 kgs super phosphate .1 kg CAN,0.5 kg MOP per sq m as basal dose…
Top dressings @ Calciumnitrate 0.8 kg, MAP 1 kg, sulphate of potash 0.5 kg  MgSo4 -0.4 kg, Borax 0.2 kg for 500 sq m at an interval of twice a week …
Also you need to do bending, disbudding and pruning as special practices in cut flower production
Precooling for 4 hours at 6- 8 degree celsius and staorage at 2 to 5 degree celsius …

And labour all these cost huge money in lac and lac rupees …

Only commercial business agency can undertake such a risky project especially in your area spending huge money on infrastructure like green house and all…Also you must have continuous power and water for protected cultivation …

But you can undertake open cultivation of ordinary roses but will not give desired result …it is the question of money expenditure here that you need to pay heed to first…

Or Else you look for cheap polyhouse that you can design with the help of bamboo poles …tender fresh green bamboo pole can be bent to suit your design …and install mist blower to control temperature during extreme summer climate …

I can say anything here but it is you who need to weigh pros and cons in your area and pick up right methods…

Dear Ramu sir,

Got your message, Loud and Clear! that the picture is not so rosy for my climate neither can I afford the poly-house :slight_smile: . I appreciate the idea of less expensive polyhouse of Bamboo, however there is a power problem and especially during summers couple of days of power failure / transformer issue can spoil months of hard work.

Thanks very much for cautioning.

Coming to open field cultivation of ordinary roses, may I have some nursery contacts which you may know?
Also please educate as to what precautions to be taken while selecting good plants from nursery.

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Dear Guru

First you make visit to bangalore or nearest market where you can sell your product and enquire what kind of roses are demanded in market …Based on your survey result I will guide you how to proceed on this …

Generally cut flowers are regularly marketed in cities and are exported to foreign countries …
As for local Rose varieties it is mainly used for perfume industry  and during festival and religious and marriage functions…So better conduct your survey in these angle and work out during when market demand is there for roses through various months of the year …

Then I will suggest a plan how to undertake rose cultivation in your field taking all the parameters like water , prevailing climatic condition in your area into consideration …

And just send me few pictures of your land covering soil type , extent of your land holdings accompanied with some basic details about source of irrigation , water potential , length of summer and winter , number of rainy days , average rainfall and months in which major share of rainfall received , months in which you face acute water shortage , and general cultivation in your sorrounding and cropping pattern followed in your locations …

Based on above report I will suggest a best plan for Rose cultivation for you to make more money when market demand is more for roses and reduce your expenses when demand for rose is least in the market …

Do not worry about nursery …you can get best plant in bangalore itself …I will guide you to one of my friends in Bangalore named Dr.Ganesh Babu …he will get you the quality rose plants

Thanks a ton sir. I better get on to the job and collect details you asked for.


Dear Guruprasad sir, Spray roses are suitable to cultivate in your hirayur area. New varieties are introduced to our south India by “Roses n Roses” of sri G.Bhaskar Reddy, Kanegowdaranahalli, near Islampura, Nelamangala ,Bengaluru and he is a distributor of M/s Moerheim Roses, Netherlands.

The present growing varieties in and around Bengaluru are  1.Mirable,  2.Vanessa    3. Rubygon    4.Santan  5 Kelly.  etc.

They are capable of giving 30 t0 50 kgs of loose flowers per acre per day ( every day ) for a period of 5 to 7 years, if you plant 6,000 to 7,000 plants per acre, and follow their instructions. The price range will be rs 70/- to 120/- per kg, in bengaluru ,city market, chennai,koimbedu, hyderabad gudimalkapur markets.

you can contact them on phone also. Sri G. Bhaskar Reddy on 9379558559 and sri Dr Prasad, Msc Ag on 9739131119.

all the best .    g.p.rao,  farmer

Dear sir
I have planted button rose yellow in one acre 1800 nos on fourth of July 2016.  Presengly am getting a yield of  4 kgs everg three days once.  Can anyone suggest for better yield.