Root problem in Cowpeas

Hi All,

We are seeing a stunted growth of roots in cowpeas. Combined with it is a whitish formation in the roots of the plants. We have sown the crop in the second week of Jan. Is this a problem? If so, then What is it? How will it affect the plants?

Please advise.

Satheesh P R

A picture would help, Satheesh.

Will post the pic in 2 days as I will be visiting the farm then. Thanks for the reply.

Dear Mr.,

Stunting of growth of  Cowpea / yard beans is a common problem. If it is in polyhouse  there is no

problem at all.  Plse follow the recommendation

19:19:19 -500 gm + Microfood  200 gm + Hexaconazole -100 ml + Vinegar -40 ml + whisky -200

ml/ 200 lits water  spray to your plants

After 7 days


Lime -500 gm + Sulphur -300 gm/ 200 lits water - spray.

This recommendations more than sufficient for to resume the growth of plants.

Thank you
Good Luck