Rooftop Farming

Hello Community,
I am just starting off with agriculture, or atleast hoping to start off with in the near future. I will try and illustrate my questions into pointers below -

  1. I have a 1000 sq. ft rooftop space available which receives clear sunlight without any obstruction. Having this place in Kolkata, the temperatures soar to about 35-40 degrees during the summer. The monsoons is also very heavy during the season. As such, I was planning to build a greenhouse to keep a more stable environment for the crops to grow in. What kind of greenhouse would be ideal for such a climate? I am mostly planning to grow greens.

  2. Kind of setup - I am inclined to adapt to the hydroponic way of growing, either horizontal or vertical via tower systems. Is there an expert in this part of India who could help me build this setup and also advice me on what crops to grow and how.

  3. Nutrients - Is there a way in which I can make my own nutrient mix, or buying from a steady supplier is the better option?

  4. Does government help such indigenous projects to start if there is a commercial angle to it?

Thanks a bunch!

Dear Sri Shubhamkasera,

For your requirement,  1. I think Naturally Ventilated Green house is much comfortable/practicable to your roof top. since your temperatures are up to 40 degree C, better opt for Aluminet (shade net which can control 4 to 5 degree C temp) and go with Bubble sheet (can control 4 to 5 degree temp). With this you can comfortably grow all vegetables. before starting,take the suggestion of local Horticulture authority, whether green house is good, and do well in sea shores.

  1. you have to enquire locally.

  2. Since your requirement is small and as you are new, better purchase from reliable nutrients suppliers.

  3. Better contact your local Horticulture Dept officials.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,  farmer

Dear Sri Shubhamkasera,

M/s Radongrow are selling. they have a conferrance also in gujarath.You can contact them on 07567644105.


with best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmers is only for your information.If any others are known, i will intimate their addresse also in future.

Hi Shubam,

Good to know that you are trying to utilize your roof top. Below is my suggestion to you for the space. Please note I’m not an expert in this, I only have bookish knowledge and tried only a small aquaponic setup. Please do ur research before spending any money.

Method of growing: since you are from Kolkata fish is part of your staple food, try exploring aquaponics. This will help you get both vegetables and fish and you need not worry about the nutrient onoe you get the fish-plants ratio right.

Roof top: try covering the side walls with green shadenet and the top with solar panels, this will help in providing enough shade and make your system self sufficient for light and water pump.

govt help: Im sorry not aware of WB, but I’m sure you will get help in solar power generation if not others. In Karnataka, we have option to sell extra power back to govt… not sure of WB

Whatever u do, dont give up and keep us posted about your developments, it acts like an encouragement to many people who are looking to start but not sure how.

Good Luck

Thank you for your suggestions. As far as aquaponics is concerned, I am somehow not inclined to involve fish in the whole setup as I do not encourage any kind of meat industry. So from an ethical point of view, I’d rather stick to nutrient formulas.

I am in the process of zeroing down the kind of vegetables/fruits to cultivate. I have a few in my list which includes Bell peppers (using dutch bucket system), Cherry tomatoes (dutch bucket), Broccoli (NFT) and Japanese strawberry (vertical tower system).

Still loads to read about them and figure out if they all can be grown in the same environment.

My idea is to also use solar power, however I’m not sure if covering the top of the greenhouse is a good idea.

I’m figuring a way out to keep the polyhouse cool and around 25 degrees which is eating up a lot of my time currently.

Hi @shubhamkasera Good to hear. I’m planning for same type of setup in kolkata. How is your setup coming along?
Have you figured any solution for temperature and greenhouse?