River bank suitable plantations

I would like to know ,if we can use river bank lands for any plantations.Soilis black cotton.

The land in consideration can submerge at times for less than a week time, also in the last 10 years it got submerged only once.

I thought , we can plant bamboo to arrest any soil erosion and also it can fetch good income in 5 - 6 years time.

Please share your thoughts,what else can that land be used.

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Coconut can be one option if you are located in south India.

Thanks for coconut tree suggestion

There are a number of species suitable for raising river bank plantations. It all depends on what is your objective of management- Commercial, environmental, arrest drifting of sand dunes, soil conservation, fruit plants, timber, fuel wood  etc.,
What is the status of land. Is it private or Government. Allmost all river bank lands are Government lands ie., river porambokes.
Siva Sankara Reddy

Dear sir

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Ultimate goal is to get profits or income from the activity in the long run, but also to maintain the harmony with nature and contribute positively to the nature

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