Right Submersible Pump for Borewell

Dear Friends,

We did dig a borewell in my farm near Kunigal, Karnataka.

First we got the water at 60’ (about 1") and further to that there was no single drop of water till 650’.

Casing is about 62’.

We got WATER :slight_smile: around 2" at 650’ and 1" more at 700’, where the borewell guys said they can’t drill further.

So my question is what is the best Pump/motor needed and what should be the depth of our pipe for pump/motor (driller suggested to go only for 350’).

Do you have good experience with some Shop in Bangalore or Tumkur area where price and material is good.


Hi chetan…

If u give me price per mater ?

How much they are charging for bore well…

As i have a agri land…


Brijesh Bhatt

Upto 300’ - 68
301-400 - 78
401-500 - 88
501-600 - 98
601-700 - 108
701-800 - 128

Casing 2mm - 300/ft, collar - 150/each welding 150, transport, labor …etc based on the distance and other work.

Hi Chetan

The borewell pump should be selected based on:

A) Total water required per day
B) Total head
C) Type of application ie flood or drip or sprinkler
D) Total area to be irrigated

If you ask us, we have models starting from 3HP till 25hp that could operate at 6 50ft. But each would vary in discharge, delivery size etc. You need to select a model that will give you the water required per day from a desired depth.

Hope this helps!


Also based on no of hrs of power availability…

Dear Saravana Sir,

Yes I agree with you and see the updates for your questions

A) Total water required per day - Not sure on this part, as we have some dairy animals and planning to cultivate Banana

B) Total head - 2.5"

C) Type of application ie flood or drip or sprinkler - Presently Food and later drip and sprinkler

D) Total area to be irrigated - 3.2 acers

E) Power is available - only for 4 hours )3 phase) per day.


Hi Chetan

For your requirements


7.5hp model would be sufficient if lowering pump to 650 ft


3hp model if lowering to 350 ft

But again this is as per our pump models.

Other manufacturers need not be the same,  please note.



some people suggested 15hp for this purpose. Is there is any matrix or calculation available on net.

What should be the stage and what is meat by that.

Also what the company/model of this pump.


Hi Chetan

15hp would be so high discharging water which would be in excess for a 3acre plot.

There is no absolute formula but yes knowing water requirements would definitely help you or else experience would aid, like in this case.

And FYI every pump manufacturer will have their own pump design that will determine no of stages required, and no of stages here refer to no of impellers

Like our 7.5hp  design would need 25 stages to pump 90lpm from a vertical  depth of 650ft

Hope this helps


Thank you very much for the suggestions.

What could be the solar energy base solution and how much it may cost in my case.


Hi Chetan

Please let us know if you want pump for 350’ or 650’ ie 3HP or 7.5HP and kindly share your contact details so that we can send you our offer.


Hello Sir,

I would prefer to go for 500’ now and later we can go to the maximum.

r_chetan2000@yahoo.co.in is my personal id.


Dear Chetan,

In this case we would recommend our 5hp 4" 50 stage model which now at 500’ would give you a peak discharge of  1 1/2" delivery of 80LPM and later if required you can lower the same to 650’ and get a peak discharge of 1 1/2" delivery of 65LPM.

I have emailed you the quote for the same.

Kindly do check and revert.


Namaskara Chetan avare,

Well congrats for getting water in bore well.

I understand that you have drilled borewell upto 700 feet and planning to cultivate the banana through flood and subsequently through dip irrigation.

I am banana farmer and my farm(3 acres) is located in Kadapa dist of AP and we operate only on dip irrigation for the reason said below. In the year 2011, we had drilled bore well of 680 feet and fixed submersible pump of 20HP X 20 Stages TEXMO brand pump Model No:15AT/20 and it will discharge 50 feet water for each stage i.e. 50X20 = 1000 Feets (theroy) but practically it will discharge upto 46 feet for each stage i.e 46X20=920. Initially we lower pump upto 550 Feet and last year(2013) we further lower upto 650 feet. This year in the month of July’14 further drilled borewell to 888 feet and lowered bore well upto 750 feet and operating smoothly as of now and we always run only on dip irrigation to save water because 100 feets of water level is going down every year because of no rain.
Many farmers in the same locality operate the pumps at 800 to 950 feet and there is no problem with TEXMO brand pump. There are many brand available in the market and my recommendation is go for TEXMO to avoid problem. I have seem many farmers buy locally made pumps and motors (Chintamani pumps)  @ 35000/- and it will serve only for one or two years. But texmo will cost around 86000/-(present) and will do no harm for few years.

What is the type of submersiable pump suitable for you?

Ideally for you any 16HPX16 stage pump with each stage pumping upto 40 feet (16X40=640 feets) should be sufficient for you. Considering water level lowering day by day and year on year. It will be better you go for 20HPX 20 Stages with each stage pumping upto 50 feet and any how current is free for agricultural sector. so my strong suggestion is to go for 20Hp X 20 Stages Texmo pump 15AT/20.

How much depth you have to lower the pump?

While lowering the pipes, one will feel the water table and from there, it is better to lower 100 feets down. for example say ur water table is 400 feet, lower your pipes up to 500 feets. So that it will serve your purpose atleast for one or two years depending upon rain.

Where will you find dealer to buy pump?
There is a many dealers in bangalore. pl google. They will supply on need basis and there will be no ready stock in bangalore.

I donot know weather you brought pump or not. sorry for later reply.

You can reach me on yramesh2003@gmail.com for furhter quirey.

Good Luck. :slight_smile:


Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for the good information.

Sure I will follow your suggestions. We haven’t got the pump still.

I have got couple of quotation. Since we got the first point at 650’ what is the best depth I should put the motor at.



There are types within Texmo. For my borewell of 700ft, Bought Aqua Texmo 17.5hp 28 stage (gun metal). Bought it at one of the dealer in Bangalore. Ping me I will give you the complete details


Not just Texmo every pump manufacturer will have various models supporting various heads.

You would need to choose right pump based on the requirements vis a vis manufacturer’s performance curves.

Of course brand, pricing, after sales support all need to be considered.

Energy efficiency would depend on mainly the stator and rotor core so make it a point that it’s CRNO stampings and not LC stampings. Also SS body is preferred these days as it don’t rust soon.

Another important factor is that if your power supply is low voltage in nature let the dealer know and specifically request for copper rotor instead of the conventional aluminum die cast rotor.

Hope this helps


Dear All,

There is a difference between TEXMO brand and Texmo company. TEXMO brand is manufactured by AQUA group.
There is another company called Texmo Industries and markets pumps in the name of TARO brand. Texmo brand is what am using and its performance is okay. There are many pump manufacturers and there performance need to be studied.

Since we got the first point at 650’ what is the best depth I should put the motor at ?

Never mind at what level you drilled the bore well and got water(in your case say 650 feet). But ground water level will be uniform at any given locality. i.e if your surrounding borewell are operating (assume) at 300 feets means water in your borewell will be in the same range (300feets) + or - 50 feets.
So check your negibhourhood motor operating level and decide. While lowering pump one can feel the water level and from there pl lower further 100 feets for better operation of pumps for longer duration.

RK :slight_smile: