Rice transplanter

I saw a rice transplanter on the net. The working efficiency is great. I want a manual transplanter. Tamilnadu government made a model and tested OK.

Can anyone of your members guide my for buying a one unit.

My opinion: Coming years paddy is going to be slushless farming i.e. it is going to be like how you plant maze. This will be less labour intesive, less water requirement, less pest etc. It is picking up the pace.

So investment on paddy transplanter may be a burden. Moreover if you have larger holding like 20-30 acres of paddy then only it is economical.

If really needed go for rented one, if rented are not available. Forming a comunity of paddy farmers and using sharable basis is good idea.

Sri I appreciate your concern. You are right but my region far beyond your imagination.

In my region, farmers are following conventional methods only. I want to buy a machine and put it on renting purpose too. So that the nearby farmers will become more aware of new changes. My region farmers still does not anything about Drumseeder method and SRI method till now. So i want to introduce this method of transplanting rice seedlings to our people here. For your information, I came to know that my Anakapalle agriculture department does not have one rice transplanter. Only Godavari basin farmers know about new technologies of rice cultivation. 

Please guide me someone for buying the same.

I can give you contact of a professor who has built a 200 people team trained with automated equipments. He will be best person to contact Dr.Jaikumaran 094475 30673

A team from Karantaka also got trained. They train aon all machinaries and guide which machinary to buy etc. You can use this trained team to take contract.

Check foodsecurityarmy.org