Required Red Sindhi or GIr cow for my one form

Hi All,

Kindly help me to buy one Gir Cow or Red Sindhi cow for my form purpose and household purpose.

Kindly share some contacts and advise me which one is better for house + Form (1 acre).

Requirement : per time 4 to 5 Litr of milk ( max 10 Ltr per day)
I cant offered costly cow breed, a silent cow, easy to maintain,

Friend please help me to get one for my family.


Hi Ram,

Where is your farm located?

Best Regards,


I am residing near Doddaballapura ( Rajanakunte). if you have any idea where i get Desi cow please let me know, it will be very helpful for my family and Form as well.

Hi Ram,

I have Gir cows that I got from Nagpur last year.

But I am not doing dairy business anymore so decided to sell to people who can look after them well.

You can call me on 7619540547 if you want to talk further.

Best Regards,