Requesting suggestions to start a poultry farm

Hi all,

We have Farm land nearby bangalore. I need suggestions as I’m planning to start va poultry Farm.  Honestly, I know nothing.  Help me with your experience

You have to ask specific questions. for example: What is the expense on shed constructions? How much is the cost of 1 day old chicks etc.

Hi sri…

As per your long experiance…which one is good business

poultry or dairy?

Thanks in advance…

If you have sufficient land for fodder you can go for dairy, for poultry you need a market survey and also how many farms are existing around the local market, sure this will effect your poultry farming business. in the dairy farming it is not like that you can make so many milk products.

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Both has its own advantages and disatvantages. So it may not be appropriate to compare still…

Biggest issue for poultry is, as the shed gets older culling rate increases. to avoid this farmers give gap between batches.
Rates are fluctuating, there are two months people dont consume nonveg, these two months rates go down.

Dairy is gaining popularity because Govt is buying in bulk to serve school mid day meal. These days khova plants are fixing rate based on SNF of milk. These plants want milk as much as you can serve them. This is my local survey, you have to do this for your region.

Poultry can be a part time but not dairy. 1 labour can manage 10K birds but dairy is labour intensive.

Summary: More the risk/laboriouse, more the profit.

Thanks sri & azar…very clear my side …i hope others doubt also clear.

Rightly said by sri…where is risk there i.s more money…

Thanks once again

If I were to start a similar setup, I would estimate the investment required, risk associated with the business, opportunity cost & return on investment.

Poultry is always risky, with kind of feed available & susceptible to diseases or as Sri rightly pointed when you go through a lean buying patch etc, dont you think?Dairy is risky if you dont have a regular buyer .

I dont have any experience, but we did complete solar water pumping projects for two poultry farms. So going by what I learnt;

Poultry especially goat farming is lucrative since meat is priced high and since there is a emerging demand for goat milk
Dairy as such has by products like cheese,panner,milk,etc which again are manufactured by many companies, so marketing should be fairly easy. Companies like Aavin and many co-operative societies buy back milk from local farmers too.
Even the animal waste is collected by vermicompost manufacturer’s to prepare organic manure.

Typical Infra required would be,

Land to grow fodder or fodder growing machine
Shed to house poultry
Chaff cutter, pulverizing machine if you are willing to have one
Water source etc

So md_ismail312 its better if you narrow down your mission as what you wish to do and what are your limits & Plan accordingly.

Regards & good luck with your new project!